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I’ve got my Starbucks locked and loaded and I’m ready to hit Monday with a vengeance. When you love what you do, you can look forward to a productive Monday, rather than dreading it. Here are a few of my Monday practices that keep me on track all week long.

Update my calendar.

I block out time for all the priority projects I need to tackle that week. I also schedule all the calls I know I’ll need to take and make sure I know what is on my cal for the entire week. This helps me professionally and personally – so I understand what I have ahead of me and can plan accordingly.

Clean out my inbox.

There’s no better feeling than a well-managed inbox so I spend the first few hours of Monday morning combing through my emails and getting back to anything I missed the previous week. If you missed my latest post on managing your inbox, here are some of my tips for getting to Inbox Zero!

Set my daily goals.

With competing prorities, a set task list can be hard to follow. There’s always something popping up and throwing us off. So – my latest technique is to set just a single daily goal – the BIGGEST thing I absolutely MUST achieve each day of the week. That way – no matter what pops up, I have one big business thing to focus on before I can call the day successful. While smaller tasks can get moved around, my BIG priority must be accomplished. Even better – I try to accomplish that task first thing so I start my day feeling productive!

Tired of watching people with half your experience make twice as much as you?

If you’re looking for tips on standing out in the crowded events industry and making money planning your dream events, don’t miss our inaugural IGNITE program – the growth plan for #eventprofs designed around my experience building and growing Liz King Events.


Monday, 14 May 2018 / Published in Business

Do you find it difficult to respond to all the emails in your inbox, and sort through all the junk? Our inboxes have become command central for our businesses, and learning to manage them well is incredibly important. 

In this newsletter, I want to offer you 3 tips that I’ve learned in my years as a professional planner to dramatically minimize the time wasted and allows me to spend more time in pursuit of my ideal clients.


This is one of my favorite tools for cleaning up your inbox. Just link it to your email account and it will pull up all of your subscriptions. Go through them one-by-one and unsubscribe with one click or do it in bulk. And – even better yet – for the ones you want to keep (like my west elm subscription and techsytalk :P), you can roll them up into a single digest so you only get ONE marketing email per week that holds all your favorite pieces of information.

I’ve found this DRAMATICALLY reduces my email load and helps me focus on getting back to clients and getting through the time-sensitive responses.


This tool was built to help teams communicate more seamlessly and efficiently. You know those long group-chat thread emails that get longer and longer? Imagine moving those OUT of your inbox and INTO a place that’s more effective? You can organize conversations by topic or project – add people only to relevant conversations – and attach files, emojis and gifs. And, best of all, the platform is FREE to use and totally searchable, up to 10,000 messages (at which point it’s about $6/month per user!)


Event planners are known as road warriors. But whether you’ll be flying in the air without wifi access or you just need to focus on cleaning out your inbox, this Gmail Offline extension for the Chrome browser, downloads your emails and then lets you respond, sort and work as if you were online. Then – as soon as you have connection – it automatically updates your inbox to match all the work you did. I like the idea of using this for an hour a day to get through emails without the distractions of social media or new emails popping in every 2 minutes!

For more tips and tricks to manage your events business, check out our IGNITE program, packed with education, community and all the resources you need to take your business from struggling to SOARING!

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Attendify’s new online registration system works seamlessly with company’s mobile event apps and data management platform for more successful events
PALO ALTO, CA – April 24, 2018 – Attendify, the leading provider of self-service event apps and event data management tools, has introduced an easy-to-use registration solution. The new online registration system natively integrates with Attendify’s event apps, social lead retrieval tool, and Audiences, the company’s event data management platform that helps personalize marketing campaigns and demonstrate event ROI.
There’s no shortage of registration tools in the event industry, but study after study shows that the registration product category causes the most frustration among event organizers, particularly around user experience. Attendify’s registration system solves this by being completely self service, so event planners can build registration pages independently, but still get high-touch support from Attendify’s staff.
“In a way, this product built itself,” said Michael Balyasny, CEO and Founder of Attendify. “The event industry has been craving an easy-to-use, self-service platform for creating registration pages. We answered the call by doing what we do best, providing an easy-to-use, self-service product that’s deeply integrated with our mobile event apps.”
Everything is managed through a single dashboard with the familiar, self-service approach Attendify clients are used to. Attendify customers can log into their dashboard (or new customers can create a free account), click on the Registration link at the top of the screen and launch registration for their events in a matter of minutes.
“One of our goals for the new registration system is to help our customers capture more data from their events. The real value we’re bringing to the event industry is being able to unify and act on the data collected by registration, event apps, lead retrieval and other data sources,” said Balyasny. “Event organizers can now segment and filter data in a very intuitive way to build target audiences and put that data to work with extremely personalized outreach through email, digital ads, outbound calling, and push notifications.”
To accomplish this, the new online registration software captures data and integrates seamlessly with Attendify event apps and Audiences, the company’s data management solution. The data collected can be used to run hyper-personalized marketing campaigns, generate more event revenue, and keep attendees coming back.
Here are the top features of Attendify’s new event registration platform:
  • Create a registration page easily with a live preview and a risk-free trial.
  • Configure multiple ticket types and discount codes to boost sales.
  • Customize a branded check-out page that’s conversion optimized.
  • Seamlessly integrate registration data with any Attendify App.
  • Centralize event registration data on a single platform and use it with Attendify Audiences.
Simple, Transparent Pricing
Pricing for Attendify is fully transparent and flexible to best match each organization’s needs. For those who only want event registration, and not event apps or advanced data management, a-la-carte pricing is 2.5% of each ticket sold, plus a $1 per-attendee registration fee. Packages that include Registration, Event App credits, and Audiences start at $200/month and vary based on number of attendees.
To learn more about pricing visit our pricing page and find the perfect package for each particular event:
To view a demo for Event Registration or interview CEO Michael Balyasny, please contact Jared Bodnar at +1-602-920-6502 or
About Attendify
Attendify is the only event technology platform that helps elevate the entire attendee experience at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, corporate meetings and other events. Attendify helps companies like Google, Bloomberg, Amazon Web Services, Informa, Phillips, Paypal, and Harvard set up event registration that simply works, create elegant event apps, and unlock the power of event data. For more information or to get started, visit
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Date:  3-7-18

Join us on Friday, April 20th, 2018, at Convene, 32 Old Slip, in New York City, for techsytalk LIVE 10: The Grand Finale. That’s right, after 8 years, New York’s most acclaimed event tech conference announces its 10th and final event in the techsytalk LIVE series. You won’t want to miss this very special day.

This final production will be emcee’d and soundtracked by Sean Patrick McGillicuddy – Host/DJ for great companies like Disney, Google, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm and The NFL, just to name a few!

Featured presenters include:

  • Author and Serial Entrepreneur – Peter Shankman
  • Digital Strategist and Social Media Maven – Sree Sreenivasan
  • President and Co-Founder of Convene – Christopher J. Kelly
  • Owner & CEO of  K.I.M. Media, LLC – Leslie Short
  • Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Smart Hustle Magazine – Ramon Ray
  • Tech Evangelist – Dahlia El Gazzar
  • Founder & CEO of Social Tables – Dan Berger
  • Co-founder & CMO of Bizzabo – Alon Alroy
  • President & CEO of VeeKast – Donvil Collins
  • Founder & CEO of Greater Good Events – Ellen Hockley Harrison
  • CEO of Voila Event Solutions – Christina Rene
  • Business & Sales Coach – Carolyn Herfurth
  • President & Owner of Renaissance Meetings & Special Events, Inc. – Bernard Toliver
  • Founder & Owner of Alive Entertainment – Ed Baker
  • Renowned Mentalist and Foodie Magician to the Stars – Josh Beckerman
  • and our very own Liz King Caruso

For the last eight years, techsytalk LIVE has distinguished itself by presenting an event crafted by and for event planners – a well-curated experience presenting the industry’s finest innovators and tech experts to share their know-how and learn from one another. Most importantly, it’s a gathering that promises a non-bloated format that is both instructional and FUN. You’ll enjoy panels on everything from transforming a raw space into a masterpiece event location, learning to trust your gut instincts, and speaking the language to attract more sponsor dollars, to leveraging the best apps, social media and influencers to take your event game to the next level.

And for the first time EVER, techsytalk LIVE will be hosting an amazing after party to celebrate eight fantastic years of event tech goodness. The party will be at The Mezzanine, the financial district’s latest gorgeous addition to the land of industrial-chic event spaces.

If you’re a growth-obsessed event planner working in NYC, do not miss this last chance to be part of the best LIVE experience, For Planners, By Planners. If you can’t be with us in person, join us via livestream as we broadcast the entire day from the main stage. Get your tickets HERE.

For more information, contact: Liz King


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San Francisco, USA, February. 26, 2018Evvnt Inc, the digital event marketing platform, has announced its expansion into the USA that includes six strategic partnerships with leading data, ticketing, platform and search companies. Launching integrations including Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, Universe, Bandsintown, Ticketsauce and SpokenLayer, means that Evvnt continues to prove itself as the solution to the challenge of monetizing online event discovery and promotion for the news, media and publishing industry.

Richard Green, CEO of Evvnt explained “For decades news groups have been supplied feature-rich event discovery platforms and data services that cost thousands of dollars in license fees, without focussing on the ultimate return – ad revenue. Evvnt’s turnkey solution for news media, which now includes event discovery & reseller tools, has the potential to deliver exceptional marketing value to local organisers, drive SEO traffic back to site and ultimately provide a new revenue stream. We are set to generate over $1m for our early adopters which is a huge ‘win-win’ for local news publishers, and for their communities of event organizers looking to reach new audiences”.

News Media

After launching with Hearst Communications’ SFGate and SeattlePI titles earlier this year, Evvnt is continuing to roll out its products to new partners across the US. By combining event calendar software, rich data and its aggregated network marketing service for resale, Evvnt is delivering a leading revenue solution across news & media titles whilst simultaneously helping event attendees discover the best events in their local areas. In addition to Hearst’s flagship titles Evvnt has also onboarded 60 more news sites, including Morris Communications’ “WhereTraveler” national network and the Metro Media US New York, Boston and Philadelphia news sites.

“It’s sophistication made easy!” Franc Coleman, Digital Product Manager at Hearst Media said, “My partnership with Evvnt has opened my eyes to the world of event marketing. Saving time by having my events populated on qualified, relevant, event listing sites in a matter of minutes along with search results is… game changing. Using Evvnt’s reporting analytics to provide greater transparency around our campaigns only adds to the value proposition of Hearst Media. I’m a firm believer that Evvnt is changing the event marketing space and I look forward to seeing what else this dynamic team brings to the table.”


Driving that event discovery is new relationships with Ticketmaster, the global market leader in ticketing, Bandsintown, the leading concert discovery platform, Eventbrite, the world’s largest ticketing and events technology platform, and Universe, who are providing their catalogue of events to further power Evvnt’s discovery calendars. In return Evvnt has also opened up its core product, the premium network of 4,000+ publishing sites to its major ticketing partners, helping event organizers to sell more tickets through targeted marketing, and making sure their events are seen across major news & media titles.

Evvnt are also introducing an integrated ticketing solution as part of the event submission experience. Organisers can now set up ticketing & marketing from one centralised platform, choosing between leading providers Eventbrite, Ticketsauce white label and Universe.

“We are excited about working with Evvnt to provide the ability for their customers to create events and sell tickets,” stated Travis Fisher, CEO of TicketSauce. “Event ticketing and event discovery are two critical components that drive new revenue and data for media partners. Richard and the Evvnt team create the robust discovery experience that partners very well with the TicketSauce platform.”

Richard Green added “we are listening very carefully to news publishers to ensure we supply a service that meets their needs, Ticketsauce has made impressive in roads with our target market and continues to be the preferred choice for a number of large news organizations, it’s clear that white label ticketing revenue is a quick win and we felt it essential we integrate and combine the offering.”


Moving into new markets, Evvnt will also be piloting event discovery through voice technology with SpokenLayer, based out of New York. Delivering event suggestions alongside news via popular smart-home technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the two companies are designing a solution for major news publishers that helps keep media consumption on the forefront of technology. Richard Green commented “Watching my daughters instinctively engage in voice search to get web based results really highlighted the simplicity and direction for future generations to access local news content and SpokenLayer are well placed to ensure we surface local events data.”

Jeremy Mims, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at SpokenLayer:

“SpokenLayer powers voice experiences for leading media companies like Gannett, McClatchy, Hearst, Univision, Oath, Time, Medium, Politico and many more. We know that local events are an important piece of what users want on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant/Home, and Apple’s Siri. We’re excited to work with Evvnt as a valuable resource for local events content on the SpokenLayer platform.”

About evvnt


A leader in events marketing automation our mission is to help people promote and find events.
To empower people, event organisers and venues of all sizes, to manage and promote events data across the industry’s largest ecosystem of event listing sites, calendars, directories, ticketing, social networks and search engines from one simple platform.

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