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Brandlive Launches Greenroom, Partner Program and SDK for Resellers, Agencies and Virtual Event Platforms

Brandlive releases the next version of its patent-pending Greenroom adding new show creation tools and support for partner integration and resale

PORTLAND, Ore., August 12, 2021 – Brandlive Inc., a leader in virtual events and elevated video production tools that bring the magic of television to the evolving world of work, today announced the launch of the next generation of Greenroom. The groundbreaking new version notably adds features designed for partners to integrate Greenroom’s content creation tools into their own platforms.  The new program and SDK will enable an exclusive set of partners to leverage these best-in-class production tools to help create TV-like content and stream it to their own destination platforms.

“We weren’t expecting to open this up to partners, but the avalanche of interest from companies looking for alternatives to existing hobby streaming platforms made us reconsider our stance,” said Sam Kolbert-Hyle, CEO of Brandlive.  “These updates to Greenroom and wider distribution will ensure both our customers and partners can create events that are special, different, and ones that audiences truly won’t forget.”

Greenroom, the cornerstone of the Brandlive product suite, enables companies to elevate and modernize the way they communicate with the audiences they care most about – employees, investors, partners, customers and more. How those audiences consume content has fundamentally shifted. Individuals want flexibility, and increasingly want to consume content in both live and on-demand formats. Greenroom reduces the overhead necessary for companies to create content that is actually worth watching and engages audiences like television – whether live or on-demand – on their own terms.

With Greenroom’s easy-to-use tools, users have the ability to build, rehearse and pre-record segments ahead of time and then stream them as part of a live event, ensuring flawless execution on event day.  In addition to support for partners and resellers, specific new features launching today in Greenroom include:

●      Showboard™: Users can ensure flawless event execution with Greenroom’s Showboard, a new way to manage and run a company’s broadcast the day of the event. With an intuitive timeline style display that runs across the bottom of the screen, Showboard makes it easy for organizers to monitor and manage the flow of the show, and ensure presenters are cued and ready. If changes need to be made on the fly, users can adjust in real time by adding and updating content and the run-of-show directly on the Showboard during the event.

●      Showbuilder™: With Showbuilder organizers can reduce stress by planning and building the show ahead of time, customizing the show’s flow—including pre & post-stream media, shot layouts, shot order, product notes and cues.

●      Room and Presenter Creation: Live production is full of risk and often creates a stressful experience for producers and presenters alike. The Greenroom’s new show building experience allows producers to create a show weeks in advance of the broadcast, invite presenters, and then build a run-of-show together including shots, recorded content, and media elements like slides and marketing video segments. This collaborative workflow borrows from popular cloud design and document tools to take the stress out of game-day production decisions and lower risk.

●      Scheduler: Keeping track and managing multiple events or sessions is easy with the Scheduler.It lets producers and virtual and hybrid event organizers manage multiple shows, rehearsals, recordings, and tech checks.  The scheduler lets everyone stay in the know by letting team members organize several different events or sessions within an event in whatever way makes sense to them.

●      Partner Branding: Branded channels inside Greenroom lets producer users bring presenters into a branded space and also lets producers easily manage multiple client channels to keep shows and presenters organized and in the right areas.

●      Greenroom SDK: Along with the release of new features, the latest version of Greenroom opens up Brandlive’s investment in its partner ecosystem. Greenroom is now available commercially for resale, integration, and other OEM-style distribution for partners looking to enable their clients with a powerful video production suite to up level video events and content.

Since launch, the Greenroom platform has been central to Brandlive’s trajectory, marking an inflection point and helping the company grow from 15 FTEs to well over 200. Since May 2020, Greenroom has powered events with millions of participants and some of the world’s most famous celebrities, including the celebrated Princess Bride Reunion and in July hosting Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood during their signature crypto summit, the ₿ word. Over 3 million viewers watched the ₿ word. The event, produced in Greenroom, included custom graphics, transitions, commercials, and over 15 hours of video content accessed both live and on-demand. Fast Company ranked Brandlive #1 on its list of The 10 most innovative live events companies of 2021 for “helping the Biden campaign and others capture the live TV experience” using the Greenroom.

“The best shows deliver experiences that feel more like television,” said Kolbert-Hyle.  “We’ve found the combination of standout software like Greenroom and white-glove, award-winning producers who know their stuff really elevates while reducing the pressure and stress for everyone involved. It’s a no-brainer for those trying to chart a path forward in this crazy new world.”

To schedule a demo or discuss partnership opportunities, visit www.brandlive.com/greenroom.

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