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I’m Liz King Caruso and I’ve been building community & facilitating critical conversations within the events industry for the past 10+ years and while we’ve always done it informally, 2020 has really shown us the importance of creating a safe space to learn, grow, and share resources. So – I’m SO EXCITED to grow this special community we’ve been building at techsytalk for the past decade

The techsytalk brand was created to curate conversations around the discovery and implementation of avant-garde event “tech” solutions and ideas for Event Planners who are OBSESSED with delivering the most rewarding event experiences.

techsytalk brings together ambitious Event Professionals in a collaborative setting; Members who are constantly seeking new ideas, innovating systems, discovering new platforms, and brainstorming creative ways to run events, and peer to peer networking. We may not be the only community out there, but we are one of the most trusted!

Collaboration is our key to success!

Definition of a Collaborative Member:

  • Collaborative and eager to learn
  • Engaging, willing to share resources, & ask questions
  • Brave – you are vulnerable to ask what you don’t know 
  • Down to have fun and receive fun perks here and there!

As a global community, we learn AND laugh together.


Our private techsytalk Collaborative is a curated group of event planners who are passionate about learning and connecting. This community is only open to event professionals directly involved in the planning side of events. 


For anything you invest your time and money in, it’s important to know what you’re going to get out of it and how it works. So – let’s dive right in! 


  • Membership to our Private Facebook Group
  • LIVE ONLY access to 3 Virtual Showcases/Year (March, June, & October)
  • LIVE ONLY access to our techsytalk GLOBAL event (Sept. 28 & 29, 2021)


$ 19 Month
  • Membership to our Private Facebook Group
  • LIVE & Recorded Access to 3 Virtual Showcases/Year (March, June, & October)
  • LIVE & Recorded Access to our techsytalk GLOBAL event (Sept. 28 & 29, 2021)
  • Recordings of all Events in our Online Portal
  • Member Directory Access
  • Invitation to our private networking events and other events as they are planned throughout the year
  • Special gifts sent your way!


In order to join our community, it’s important that we are on the same page in our core values. Below we outline the things we believe about the business. In order to achieve our goals of becoming thought leaders and raising the profile of our industry, it’s important we hold ourselves to the same standards we expect from the industry.

      • A community that will make a difference must be active – it relies on the active participation of all of its members.
      • Your event planning has huge potential to grow, but you must set aside time to invest in the growth of your skills.

In our client, community and industry interactions, we believe in

  • EDUCATION – Pursuing education is imperative in any fast-paced industry. We commit ourselves to ongoing education, challenging the status quo in the best interest of a successful business and successful client interactions.
  • FUN – We started a business for various reasons, but one of the big ones is that we love having a great time. We believe that FUN is a vital component of your daily life!
  • IMPACT – A great business creates a ripple effect of impact. We help you set goals and then give you the tools to blow past your goals to take your brand to the next level.
  • TRANSPARENCY – Transparency is a key value of ours and consistent transparency will raise your profile in the public and beyond. This means transparency in communications, financial transactions, and every aspect of your business processes.
  • COLLABORATION – Collaboration in this program is imperative. We believe that fierce competition does not improve the world – we can achieve more by working TOGETHER.
  • FAMILY, HOBBIES & DOWN TIME – Glorifying “busy” is not a core competency of an entrepreneur. We know that leveraging technology and creating systems alleviates stress and allows you to achieve more in less time. We work efficiently so we can have time to build our business and spend time with our family, friends and even hobbies and vacation


There are literally hundreds of groups, associations and organizations you can be a part of that have a great mix of suppliers and planners. In fact – we also run a Facebook and LinkedIn groups called the techsytalk Community that are exactly that. 

However, we feel there is a needed space for planners to gather to share ideas, best practices, experience with various platforms and vendors and recommend great products to each other. In other groups, it’s hard to filter the “sales” noise – we won’t have that problem here. 

You can join on a monthly basis and cancel at any time. You will have access to any events for the months you have paid, but if you cancel, you will lose access to our recorded content. 

This is designed for you if you are:

  • Ready to put in the hard work to up-level your event planning in a way that will reap benefits both in revenue and personal reward.
  • You feel out of water with all this technology evolution and could use a guide to help you sort through the noise and get you up-to-speed.
  • Looking to attract a higher quality client, but you find yourself writing proposals for people who don’t have budget or go MIA after you’ve given them information.
  • Working ethically and want to stand out, but you currently lose proposals to competitors who are less qualified.

This group is not built for:

  • Lurkers – a group like this cannot be successful with passive members.
  • The event planner who’s looking for her next comp – because comp thinking gets you comp clients.
  • People who are happy with their current business, and don’t see room for growth.
  • Suppliers in the events industry as this group is specifically about and for the planning side. 

You don’t have to be a “techie” to participate and get the most of the group. We will use technology as a facilitator though so you’ll need to have access to the following things. 

  • Our community will be hosted in a private Facebook group. This is where we’ll share best practices, challenges, and lessons learned. 
  • We’ll host some of our showcases and events on Facebook LIVE – those will be easy to see in our group. 
  • We like to test out new virtual platforms together as well so you’ll have the option to join as you are interested!