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Episdoe 36: The Power (and Responsibility) that Comes with Loads of Event Data with Ian Webb from Eventsforce

Data, Data, and more Data! One of the huge benefits of virtual events is the large data set that we get access to – it gives us greater insight to attendee, sponsor and other stakeholder behavior. But what are we doing with all of this and how does it impact what our stakeholders expect for in-person and hybrid events. In this episode, we’re chatting with Ian Webb from Eventsforce about data and so much more – we’ll talk about his perspective on this changing landscape!

Ian Webb, Head of Business Development, Eventsforce
LinkedIn Profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/ianwebb1982

Ian is an event technology specialist who has spent the last 15 years managing conferences and developing complex technology solutions for hundreds of events globally.  At Eventsforce, he advises clients on how they can use technology to maximise the value of their events – from registration and marketing to engagement and event reporting.  He also works closely with them on managing complex data integration projects which allow organisations to manage their event data a lot more effectively. 

As a regular speaker on the circuit, Ian is passionate about the potential of technology and its role in changing the way the events industry works.

About Eventsforce:
Eventsforce provides SaaS event management software that powers thousands of successful events each year. With offices in London (UK) and Denver (US), its customers span 14 different countries and represent some of the leading names in associations, PCOs, finance, education, government, and publishing. 

Whether you’re running simple events, awards ceremonies or complex multi-track conference programmes (virtual, hybrid or in-person), Eventsforce provides a complete end-to-end management solution that addresses every aspect of an association’s event lifecycle – from event planning, marketing and abstracts management to registrations, virtual event platforms, check-in tools, on-site management, mobile apps, reporting and data management.

For more information, please visit www.eventsforce.com or email gdpr@eventsforce.com

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