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Right This Way: A Venue Amuse-Bouche @ MEET on Bowery

Today, we’re talking about: MEET on Bowery

Venue name: MEET on Bowery

Location: 161 Bowery, Floor 7 New York, NY 10002

Venue Website: www.welcometomeet.com

Venue contact:
Suzy McCormick
(212) 966-1550

Give us your best elevator pitch for MEET on Bowery?

On any day of the week, New Yorkers are looking for experiential moments that generate new thinking. We reinvented how groups meet, so our guests are motivated and encouraged throughout the day. Our inspired space leaves no piece of your imagination untouched. Located in the heart of NYC’s historic Bowery neighborhood, our newest venue offers all of the requisite functional and surprising visual elements to facilitate a successful day. Coupled with our private, garden-party-inspired rooftop, MEET on Bowery is the ideal spot for a brainstorming session, serene coffee or lunch break, fun photo-op, cocktail reception, and so much more.

What would you say is MEET on Bowery’s most unique offering?

We’ve created an authentic meeting space that cannot be found anywhere else in NYC. Some of our signature details include custom tables designed with wallpaper from Flavor Paper in Brooklyn, a living plant-based installation, and gourmet coffee in unique, statement mugs. Because we’ve thought through all the details, you can be assured that your guests will be delighted and your meeting or event will be a success. The MEET experience is one that you will savor long after your day is over.

What do you think would surprise most planners to know about your space?

They’d be surprised to know that all of the art in our space comes from our owners’ personal collection. Sara and Marc Schiller are well-known street art documentarians who founded Wooster Collective in 2001. Wooster is devoted to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world. The Collective’s mission is to discover and document authentic art experiences via book publishing, salons, lectures, gallery shows, and online. Sara and Marc have built a large network of artists and galleries, and their art expertise comes from years of building collections and participating in the evolution of various art movements. One of the cornerstones of MEET’s philosophies is the added value of art in every space. A space with artwork feels complete and enhances the experience. It can be provocative and interesting, or beautiful and decorative, or all at the same time. We’ve given art tours at the end of meetings and people will say “all day I’ve been wanting to know more about this piece.” We believe our art collection is an outlet for us to create an authentic experience for guests to stimulate ideation. Their collection at MEET on Bowery includes works by artists as FAILE, Paul Insect, microbo, POSE + REVOK, Richard Colman, and Erik Jones.

What is one thing you wish more event planners knew about your space?

We would like meeting and event planners to know that we are a full-service venue. The greatest compliment that we’ve received from planners is that we are a dream to work with. We are fully staffed with professional Concierges, and we manage all of the logistics for the day – from coordinating catering and deliveries to customizing floor plans per client needs. The meeting planners we work with feel confident that they don’t need to be here the day of an event to execute. Event planners know they are well supported by industry experts and professionals. All are confident that their clients are safeguarded in trusted hands for a seamless meeting.

What is the most memorable thing you’ve seen an event do with your space?

Our most memorable event was a team-building meeting focused on a bike – building exercise. The client assembled bicycles and built obstacle courses around our space to test them, which was super fun to watch! The beautiful twist: the meeting planner invited children from the Big Brothers-Big Sisters program to gift them with the bikes at the end of the day. It was a surprise for the children, company members (and us!) and we were so happy to be a part of a project that involved giving back to the children in our community in a really awesome way. We love these sorts of initiatives.

If you could throw one dream event, what would it be?

Our dream event would feature a mix of eclectic ideas: live music, a graffiti battle on a wall of wars, delicious catering featuring a MEET’s Eats special, and, of course, wine and cheese to seal the deal on a successful evening!

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