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4 Benefits of Event Apps Compared with Paper By @SwetaGovani of @Yapp

1. Reduces Negative Environmental Impact

Take a relatively small event with just 1,000 attendees and 100 sheets of paper distributed per attendee. The damage to the environment and to our planet is:

  • 12 trees wasted
  • 75 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
  • 1 million liters of water wasted

Simply put, mobile event apps are Earth-friendly.

2. Cost Savings

For an event with 100,000 printed pages, it can cost $20,000 just in printing costs (at 20 cents per page). Additionally, there are costs for shipping, packaging and preparation pushing the costs into thousands of dollars depending on the event. Eliminating paper can result in incredible savings after going mobile.

3. Updated Information for Attendees

Ever been at a workshop where you showed up a minute late and saw a sign on the door redirecting you to a new location a five-minute run away? Yes, us too. It’s embarrassing and preventable due to a mobile app feature called “instant publish.” It allows organizers to publish any changes they make to their event app to the attendees’ phones instantly.

4. Headache and Hassle Reduction

Spending too many hours stuffing agendas into totes, running to the printers and constantly updating confusing spreadsheets or documents? Superhero app to the rescue! Develop an app in minutes, continue to update it with details as they flow in, and finalize the app as late as the day of the event if you’d like.

How to go mobile at your next event

You can easily transition your event programs from print to mobile. To learn how, get a free eBook filled with tips, tricks and best practices to convert even the naysayers at your event into mobile event app fans.

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