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We Pinned It: Independence Day

If Memorial Day was the unofficial start of b-b-q season, 4th of July is when things start to get real! Maybe for that party you served some burgers and hot dogs, a few beers and some simple sweet treats. Independence Day, though? We think it’s time to break out the big guns!

Sure, you’ll still want to serve the old stand bys but fancy up those burgers and dogs by creating a gourmet bar with specialty sauces and condiments, in addition to your ketchup and yellow mustard. Think beyond the usual pickles and onions on toppings and give radishes, avocado or baked beans a chance.

Want to skip the burgers altogether? Try some seafood – garlicky shrimp or salmon on a cedar plank? Yum! And, don’t forget about the sides. We think you haven’t lived until you’ve tried grilled watermelon and pineapple.

Now, let’s talk drinks, shall we? Independence day provides a perfect opportunity to combine delicious tastes with spectacular visuals. Variations on red, white and blue cocktails are abundant. Sangria, layered drinks, jello shots… or, skip the beverage altogether and soak your berries in vodka or rum and decorate them with sprinkles and pop them in your mouth for a quick treat that packs a punch.

Be sure to save some space for dessert. Best enjoyed with a side of fireworks.


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