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We Pinned It: Take a Picture

Click! As event planners, we spend a lot of our time making sure that everything is running smoothly. Did the guests get their name tags? Was the speaker’s mic on? Were the appetizers brought out on time? Sometimes, when it’s all over, we don’t even remember what the room looked like, and we spent so much time on the seating chart! That’s where photography comes in.

It’s your event, so you call the shots. The photo shots, that is. Be sure to make a checklist of what you want to see. In addition to a professional photographer who can walk around and capture the highlights of your event, the trend now is to have a photo booth. They can an element of fun to an otherwise serious event or kick the merriment up a notch. Bonus? Ask your guests to post on social media, with a hashtag, and your event just got more publicity!

So, go ahead. Take a picture. It lasts longer! And check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.



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