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3 Social Media Tips to Promote Your Next Event by @dancarthy2

By this point, if you’re not using social media to promote your company event, then why even bother having an event at all?

Even if you do use social media, it’s not enough to just stick to one or two social networks and send a few posts here and there and expect everything to be all hunky dory.

Not only do you need social media but you need to use it the right way, or else you can expect empty seats and the chirping of crickets come your next event.

  1. Create a Social Media Contest

It was just mentioned that it’s not enough to use social media solely for sending posts. Social networks offer so much tools; it’s a head-scratcher why so many of them are underutilized. One way social networks can be put to good promotional use is by hosting a contest. To encourage maximum participation, promise a prize for the winner (such as a free event ticket) as well as a smaller prize for everyone who participates.

At a lost for ideas? Here are a few to get you on the right track:

  • Caption contest – supply a company/event related picture and have participants come up with their own funny caption.
  • Essay contest – in a short essay – about 200-300 words – have contestants explain why they love your company and why they recommend it.
  • Video contest – contestants create their own 60-second funny skit showing viewers why they love your company and your products.

The T-shirt company Qwertee held a very successful contest on Facebook that’s deceptively simple. All entrants had to do was like its Facebook page, submit their email, and be automatically entered into a sweepstakes contest.

The contest was a success, and the company reached its goal of 100,000 Facebook likes.

qwertee sweepstakes wishpond

Photo: Wish Pond

  1. Create an Event Page on Facebook

This is standard practice that many companies already implement. However, there are several key points to make it more effective.

Consider these ideas:

  • Use images uploaded by followers from previous events. This allows you to tell a more complete story as seen from the perspective of former attendees.
  • All pics and videos should be accompanied by a caption to engage readers.
  • Speaking of pics and videos, each one should also include the event hashtag.
  • Include a strong call-to-action to remind followers to RSVP or buy their ticket
  • You and your staff members should also switch out your profile pics for the pic used for the event page.

All other promotional material from other social networks should include a link back to this main event page.

  1. Create Informative Content Through Your Blog

Blogs, in a way, also constitute as social media in the sense that they can be shared, liked, and commented on. In the days leading up to the event, create several blog posts divided up into parts and gradually released to help build hype. The post may mention the event in passing but the bulk of the focus should be useful content.

If you’re hosting a self-empowerment event, for instance, then about 10 days or so before the event, begin releasing a series of blog posts about self-empowerment, such as:

  1. Self-empowerment in the Workplace Part 1
  2. Self-empowerment in the Workplace Part 2
  3. How to Empower Yourself When Pursuing a New Relationship
  4. Changing the Way You Look at Your Finances

You would release a new blog post each day until the day before the event. These posts are free information that you provide to your followers. After all, the more you give, the more your followers will return the goodwill gesture in kind.

Make Social Media Your Primary Resource

Rather than just selling tickets on your company site, make social media an active part of your campaign. There’s no guarantee that tickets will sell like hotcakes, but more than likely you’ll sell far more than you could’ve without social media utilization.

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