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We Pinned It: The Oscars

So, who are you wearing?

When you’re walking the red carpet, the person who designed your gown merits a shout out. When you’re hosting an Oscar themed party, you’ll be the one your guests thank – for all of the great decorations, snacks and entertainment. How do you make this event worthy of a standing ovation?

The Pre-show

Keep your guests entertained with game like Name that Famous Character. Once the presenters take the stage, hand out Oscar bingo. You know, every time a winner cries (or someone who isn’t J.Law trips)… Create your own version of Madlibs as your guests fill in the blanks to create an outrageous acceptance speech that will be as quoteworthy as Sally Field’s “you really like me!”

2016 Oscar Bingo game

And, then, there’s the food. The nominees in the Best Drinks category are…

Champagne. It wouldn’t be the Oscars without champagne, and it’s easy enough to drop a couple of raspberries or strawberries into your flute but why not add a little sparkle with these champagne chantilly shooters?

Champagne Chantilly Shooters: Serve these appropriately sparkly shooters from Sprinkle Bakes this New Year's and watch guests savor the creamy chantilly and Champagne-laced pastry cream spoonful by spoonful.:

Or, get a little glamorous with this Red Carpet Glamour Cocktail that was served at the Governor’s Ball. 

The Red Carpet Glamour Cocktail -- the official cocktail to be served at the official Oscars after-party, The Governors Ball #recipe #entertaining #drinks:

Or, depart from tradition with a special martini like this one with apple juice, buttershots and a splash of Gloldschlager.

Academy Award Martini: 3oz Apple Juice + 1 1/2 oz Buttershots + splash Goldschlager // shake w/ice:

In the category of Best Appetizers

It’s a tie (a bow tie!) between tuxedo strawberries or tuxedo cheese on crackers.

Tuxedo appetizers for the oscars:   Tuxedo Strawberries | Hollywood Party - PartySavvy - SavvyMom.ca:

Or, some elegant looking finger foods like these Asparagus and Parmigiano puffs or Beef Tenderloin Crostini with Whipped Goat Cheese and Pesto.

And, finally… the award we’ve all been waiting for… Best Main Dish!

Put on your thinking caps and get punny, creating a menu based on all of the nominated films. Perhaps some Irish Pasta with Sauce and Cabbage in honor of Brooklyn. Or, a Bridge of (S)pies?

Bridge of pies

The show may be over but we can’t forget to thank our Award winning desserts – How about oreos painted with edible gold spray?

Oreos.....painted with edible spray paint. New Years Eve, gold 'coins' for kids pirate party, an Academy Awards party, or St. Patty's pot of gold. Endless possibilities.:


So pop some popcorn, break out the champagne and roll out the red carpet. Let the viewing begin!

For a complete list of this year’s nominees click here http://oscar.go.com/news/nominations/oscar-nominations-2016-the-complete-list-of-nominees


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