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We Pinned It: Namaste

Yoga. It’s great for the body, and for the mind. And the beauty of yoga is that anyone can do it. It’s not about being good at something; it’s about being good to yourself.

There’s truly very little equipment needed to practice yoga, but a mat and a towel are a good place to start. Or, maybe a towel that attaches to your mat like the ones by NamaSTAY. These towels hug your mat so that when you are practicing Power Vinyasa (hot) Yoga, your towel stays flat, freeing your mind from distractions like bunched up towels and allowing you to concentrate on your scorpion pose.

Coral NamaSTAY Yoga Towel gives non-slip protection and firm grip for hands and feet. Its Soft, absorbent, slip-proof fabric provides extra comfort.:

Some people prefer to do their practice in the privacy of their own home, and on their own time table. Luckily, there are plenty of yoga apps out there like Pocket Yoga and Yoga Studio – that will give you ideas on how to get started and keep going. Yogify gives you 35 sessions for free before giving you the option to choose from a collection of five class programs ranging in difficulty from level 1-3.

Find your zen with these apps! #Yoga:

And, websites like doyogawithme.com offer hundreds of FREE videos with a variety of instructors, from beginner to advanced and everything in between. Good karma all around, as they say!

Can’t make it to yoga class? Let yoga class come to you. www.WorkFromOm.com teaches yoga and meditation within the context of a professional environment.

But, until your company sees the light, try a little Office Yoga


These pants by Betabrand are workwear that doubles as workout wear. They let you carry the comfort of your yoga pants from the studio to your office and back. You might just feel compelled to close your door and do a few sun salutions!

Find workwear that doubles as workout wear with Betabrand's unique dress pant yoga pants. Perfect for performing the Lunchtime Lotus and the Power Pointer, these pants come in a variety of colors that combine a soft, stretchy performance knit with dress-pant stylings. Look professional and feel comfortable with 20% off your first pair at Betabrand today.:

So whether you’re starting out in child’s pose or you’re practicing inversions, blogs like Daily Cup of Yoga will keep you inspired as you embark on your journey to a stronger you. Namaste.


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