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We Pinned It: World Nutella Day

Nutella lovers unite!

This February 5th marks the 10th anniversary of World Nutella Day, a day when we celebrate all the creamy goodness that is Nutella. Is this the first you’re hearing of this? No matter! Grab a spoon and let’s get started.

According to the official site, there are 10 easy ways you can celebrate this big day.

  1. Make a recipe with Nutella. Well, that’s easy. From frappuccinos and filled french toast, to meringues and granola, there is a recipe for you. We’ve put together a board filled with simple (grab a spoon) and elegant (like this star bread) recipes for you to choose from.
    star bread
  2.  Write a poem or a song and post it on social media with the hashtag #worldnutelladay
  3. Strike a pose with Nutella and post it on social media with the hashtag #worldnutelladay
  4. Enjoy Nutella somewhere interesting. Ever been to Eataly? They have the only Nutella bar in NYC. Think crepes and other delicious pastries, filled with warm, creamy Nutella!
  5. Create some Nutella inspired art. We think this one would make Andy Warhol proud.
    I ❤️ Nutella:
  6. Do an original flavor pairing – Nutella cheese ball? Nutella BLT?
    I  have a sweet tooth, and when I was introduced to the deliciousness of Nutella, I was a goner. This Nutella Cheese Ball is perfect for a party (or midnight snack, your choice). The sweet creaminess, the hazelnut and the chocolate chips, all so perfect with crunchy cookies or graham crackers. I dare you to …:
  7. Relive (and tweet about) your first Nutella experience. “It was a warm summer day…”
  8. Give Nutella to the people you love, in a jar of course, but also in the form of jewelry or clothing.
    Nutella necklace kawaii chocolate miniature Polymer clay by Zoozim:  
  9. Introduce Nutella to someone for the first time. The smile on their face will bring you joy – and good karma!
    Eataly NYC #Eataly:
  10. Host a delicious party in honor of Nutella using recipes from the board we created



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