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Are you planning an event? Do you need to attract more people to your business, make your company stand out and get noticed? If so, a good event goes without saying as a major prerequisite for that. Of course, it’s easy for big companies to host events. Well, it’s not that easy but it’s certainly better when you have loads of money at your disposal, right? Well, if you belong to the less fortunate group here, where you have to allocate each buck carefully, take a look below and you’ll find useful tips that will help you do just that.

Timing is important

You know how hotels located in mountains charge less when it’s autumn? That’s because fewer people visit highlands when there’s no snow which means less revenue. In turn, hotels lower the prices to attract people to still consider making a short escape from the city life and relax in the mountains. When it comes to events, the concept is quite similar. Since you’ll hunt for a venue, it is good to learn about seasons. Venues often share bookings with other events such as weddings or receptions. If you go for that season, you’ll be paying a lot. Instead, schedule wisely, see if you can pick out a date when there are no other events. Pick a ‘cheaper’ date, you could save a lot of money.

Look for volunteers

Every event planner needs staff for their events. Without your own people helping with everything, there can be no event. It’s plain and simple. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend through the roof and hire contractors or something like that. Work with what you can get. Consider younger people who need experience in events to help manage things. Of course, you have to give something in return. But it doesn’t have to be money. Experience is a valuable asset too.

Partner up

Finding a partner or a sponsor oftentimes isn’t easy. However, if you’re tight on cash, you need to try and look for sponsors or partners. Consider theme and purpose of your event and then look for organizations that might want to align themselves with your particular theme. Remember that both sides need to benefit from this. For example, if you’re hosting an event and you are a small tech company, try to figure out what other company (a partner or a sponsor) would benefit from having their logo displayed at your event. Many companies see sponsorships as a form of marketing. Take advantage of that. Also, if you can find a renowned partner/sponsor, that could help you with event experience. Your attendees will respect you more if they see logos of other giants besides yours. That means that your business is in good company. 

Consider going digital

Back in the day printed material was everything. People needed it to plan, promote and basically do everything event-wise. Nowadays the situation is different. A great alternative that will save you money is technology. You can use e-mail to send invitations, promotional material, schedules and general info about the event. Also, you can even create a website for a fairly small sum of money. A simple website that has everything your attendees need to know about your event can go a long way.

Always keep an eye out on your budget

The budgeting process needs to start early. That’s because you want to know whether your event is going to be feasible. However, many planners forget to keep an eye out after planning a budget. That’s why updating it regularly needs to be a priority. Make it a habit to dedicate 10 to 20 minutes on a daily basis to updating your budget. That’s a good way to stay on top of new developments in real time and anticipate additional costs.


Having a tight budget can be a real pain in the neck. However, every single event planner had to make it work with small amount of money at least once in their career.

Memorial Day Weekend is on its way and it's the time of year we all get beach ready but most importantly the time to kickoff the summer with hosting outdoor home events. At my company Elite Styles Events, we do plenty of designing for our clients we also love to share inspiration we find. Below are a few of my fave Memorial Day decor inspirations.

First its always important to start with an invite of some sort either electronic or good ol' fashioned paper invite.
Once you have sent out the invites, its time to get your outdoor area ready for entertaining, grilling but most importantly the weather. If you have an outdoor canopy great, if you don't you may want to consider renting an outdoor tent.  There are many options as to what type of tents you may want to rent from enclosed to a beautiful clear tent which will open it up to see the stars in the evening.  You can do some simple transformation to your tent or canopy by purchasing some inexpensive drapes and draping the area or by making or purchasing some paper lanterns to create a more inviting and posh look. Or stay more budget friendly adorning it with some streamers and twinkle lights.
photo 2photo 4photo 5
Creating a beautiful tablescape is always a winner and sets the mood. Here are some inspirations from rustic to modern chic.
photo 1
photo 3
Lastly, the most important part of your Memorial Day Weekend outdoor celebration is the food and some summer welcoming cocktails! Grilling is always a great option. Here are some of my favorite grilling menu items and summer cocktails!
photo 2photo 31photo 41
*All these images have been taken from Pinterest.

As many companies/corporations plan out yourr event marketing budgets for their calendar year,  decor and design  either go unnoticed or not enough money is allocated towards it. Your marketing dollars shouldn't only go into the content of the meeting/event but also into setting the mood and branding design concepts. What your companies are forgetting is how your guests feel when they walk into the event or meeting space. How the ambiance is going to visually stimulate the mood of your guests throughout the day. The design concepts will not go unnoticed but it will have your guests intrigued and entertained at your event. As well now your company is getting tons of free marketing/advertising by turning your guests into social media influencer who are now sharing the visual stimulation aka "decor/design" via twitter and Instagram.

The event decor and design budget can be as small or large as you want. Before putting the decor budget together the first thing you want to consider is what is the overall goal and objective of the event.  Is it education for the guest, is it something they take away and share with others, or simply just brand awareness of a new product or service. Depending on what the ultimate goal is what is going to influence the aesthetic of the space.  A good event designer should be able to field these questions to corporate planners in the conceptual phase of the event. This will help them get a better understand of your objective as well as help you as the company/corporation understand how the design will influence the event.

Secondly, you want to understand who your target audience is and what is their demographic. Are they suits, young professionals who are fashion forward, hipsters or are you targeting established career professionals who love to eat caviar or are they art enthusiasts who are inspired by colors. This will also help both the designer and company understand in which direction of design/decor you should go in. Should we add in vendors to have experiential activities or are we designing the space with tons of floral.

Lastly,  what type of experience do you want your guests to take away with them.  At the end of the day, the guest is your main objective and making sure they are not only stimulating from what they are hearing but as well as from what they are seeing, touching and feeling. This stimulation will not only transcend through word of mouth but now as well through the most powerful free tool we have right now which is social media.  Now the next time you are putting your budget together make sure the decor/design budget is as hefty as the food budget. Guests are tired and bored of just content they want to be wowed and content alone isn't going to cut it anymore!