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Winter 2022 (date TBA)


Liz King Caruso is an Event Strategist, Consultant and Speaker. As CEO of Liz King Events and techsytalk, she has helped countless thought leaders grow their audience and sell their products through in-person, virtual & hybrid events. Liz is a big-picture person – passionate about tying events into an overall sales and marketing strategy and being efficient at every point of the process. Technology is her niche and she’s obsessed with helping organizations of every size leverage technology to produce more engaging & seamless event experiences.

In addition to her client work, Liz connects & educates her industry colleagues through platforms she has built – techsytalk GLOBAL, the techsytalk community & IGNITE Consulting program.

Liz has been featured as Eventex’s 50 Most Innovative Virtual Meeting Planners, Successful Meetings list of 25 Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry, Top 5 Women in Event Tech, amongst other awards.

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Every planner is asking the same thing – “What are the best virtual and hybrid platforms out there”? “What are the hottest event tech tools we need to know about?” 

Even after intense innovation since March 2020, tech is constantly changing and planners are looking for the best virtual & hybrid tools out there. 
This showcase is a great opportunity for you to tune in and learn about what options are in the market and why one may be a better fit than another for you.
We’ll feature 8-10 tech companies who will each only have 10 minutes to captivate your attention. We’ll have a few minutes for questions and then on to the next! Then, once the showcase is over, you’ll have all the info you need to dive deeper into the platforms that will work best for you.
This virtual event showcase will be held virtually, of course, and participation has never been easier. No need to register or look in your email for the link – we’ll stream it directly into our Facebook group at 1:30pm ET on the event days. 


Cadence is an event experience platform evolving the way that people host, experience and remember virtual, live and hybrid events. You can connect people to all the experiences occurring at your event through community, conversation and connections.

While most platforms are for one-off events, Cadence is a platform for all events throughout the year—and the year after that. Organizations can have their branding, templates, attendees, speakers, customers, companies, materials, surveys and events at the account level.

Engamio is a new Toronto-based tech company that offers gamified engagement & sponsorship solutions for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. While engaging up to 90% of the audience with such activities as assembling the jigsaw puzzles, dropping pins on interactive world map, finding words on wordsearch boards, and taking selfies with speakers,  our company drives measurable value for Sponsors and Exhibitors.

Hoppier lets you create bespoke virtual experiences that increase attendee engagement. With Hoppier smart cards, your remote attendees can order drinks, lunch, or gifts from their favorite local vendors right to their door.

It’s event catering and gifting at scale, but without the logistics nightmare. All funds are either redeemed or refunded and the cards can be fully branded your way. Make Hoppier your unfair advantage today.

We are an end-to-end customizable and turnkey Hybrid Event Management platform with 18+ solutions for advanced gamification; 3D virtual experiences, Zoom video embedding, AI-based networking, and video chats; self-onboarding of speakers, sponsors, and attendees. Retain and attract more sponsors with our sponsor-centric user experience. Let’s be your go-to event tech team.

The hybrid event platform built for engagement and event excellence.

Hubilo is the only all-in-one event platform built with the mission to drive deep engagement – first and foremost – yielding greater business results.
Engagement, paired with a proactive and full-time customer support team, ensures your events execute perfectly every time. We know that the future is hybrid and we are obsessed with how this will evolve and how we can revolutionize all events in the most meaningful way for organizers, attendees, sponsors, and partners.

InEvent’s self-service software allows you to manage every aspect of an event, from bookings to video streaming, with a single dashboard while getting access to hundreds of preselected partners so you have full control over the planning process.

CLIPr is a Video Analysis and Management (VAM) platform helping users get the most value from their videos, gain user insights, increase event and content ROI and make video actionable. Users collaborate and share right from the virtual events platform. Exhibitors gain valuable user insights to increase the velocity of the buyer journey.

Hubb, part of Notified, is re-inventing the way people experience events. The Hubb Platform makes virtual, onsite and hybrid events with powerful attendee engagement tools that bring brands to life. Hubb powers many of the world’s largest conferences. Built by event-management veterans for event professionals, Hubb gives event planners unprecedented control and agility.  

Storycraft LAB helps planning teams integrate human centered design thinking practices, creating narrative experiences that are meaningful, moving and memorable.
The Experience Profiles™ tool employs empathy to drive personalized engagement, providing Planners with a means to predict, assess and analyze your audience’s evolving needs and behaviors. 


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