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Simple Rhythms for Success

This is my office/studio. Simple, right? But from this office, I’ve produced many virtual events for clients. I write content. I execute logistical planning for our event planning clients. I generate over six figures in revenue. From this little, simple corner in my basement with my yoga pants on and coffee always in hand.

As I scroll through tons of online reels and stories, it strikes me how obsessed our society has become with get-rich-quick schemes, and all these posts making it seem like everyone lives the most luxurious lives. But the business owners that I know and work with tend to keep it simple.

It’s not about having the perfectly styled home that’s immaculate all the time. It’s not about your hair and makeup being done 24/7. A successful business comes down to the simple rhythms that no one really wants to post on Instagram every day.

One of the rhythms I have followed religiously for the past 10 years is a financial projection exercise that I start every year around this time to get a sense of where I’m really at in my business and where we are going in the coming year. It’s the most humbling, motivating and exciting business activity I do each year. If you’d like to learn more, and get access to the template I use, private message me, and I’d be happy to share!

If glamour is what you seek, let me use this moment to remind you that there are no shortcuts. There is no easy way to do it. What will get you reliable, long-term success is by putting in the work that no one sees and staying consistent over the long-term. We’re working on building a community of people who are on this journey, so stay tuned for more and comment if you are interested! 

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