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Episode 55: Community Building Tips with Krysta Eigelberger

In another dive into the brains of the techsytalk team, we’re chatting with Krysta Eigelberger who works with us to build the techsytalk Collaborative – our for planner, by planner community. In this episode, we’ll talk about engagement, marketing, building and nurturing your email list and so much more!

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Krysta, creator of Eich and Co, has long excelled in her sweet-spot of marketing.  Aside from attending Penn State University and obtaining a degree in marketing, she continued to study the field as it evolved into the “online”, “social media” world. She has spent 12 years in the corporate world while side-hustling as a social media manager, marketing consultant and content writer. After 10 years of “side-hustling”, it became apparent it was no longer a gig-thing. Krysta and her husband Justin have now served hundreds of clients in the ever-changing “digital marketing” space.

Website: eichandco.com

Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/eichandco & instagram.com/eichandco 

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