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Episode 51: Engaging Virtual Events with John Chen

Can virtual events actually be engaging? What about the power of virtual to be BETTER than in-person? While John and I agree in-person is super important and a luxury experience, we love chatting about all things virtual in this catch-up!

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Meet the author of Engaging Virtual Meetings – he’s been virtually meeting for
over 35 years. He can juggle 24 screens of information at a time. He has
planned the only 100% LIVE virtual conference in the training industry for
1,200 people. He’s produced a eight-language virtual webinar. He is a
recognized thought leader on engaging virtual meetings. He is the Wiley and
Sons author of “Engaging Virtual Meetings” and “50 Digital Team Building Games”, top selling
business books. His work has earned him multiple awards and his more than 250,000 clients across
the United States and in countries including Spain, France and Taiwan have experienced
breakthrough results. When you meet him, you will encounter a dynamic, energetic and effective
facilitator who makes friends with everyone. He will help you and
your team become the top 1% at what you do. He’s the 25-year CEO of
Engaging Virtual Meetings. Please meet John Chen.
“Your virtual meetings can be as good as, or even better, than face to face
meetings” – John Chen


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