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Cadence at techsytalk Virtual Showcase (October 27, 2021)

Every planner is asking the same thing – “What’s the best virtual platform out there”? Even after 18+ months of innovation, tech is constantly changing and planners are looking for the best virtual & hybrid tools out there. In this showcase, you get a sneak peek at some of the bleeding edge event tech tools out there for eventprofs so take a look!

Cadence is an event experience platform evolving the way that people host, experience and remember virtual, live and hybrid events. You can connect people to all the experiences occurring at your event through community, conversation and connections. While most platforms are for one-off events, Cadence is a platform for all events throughout the year—and the year after that. Organizations can have their branding, templates, attendees, speakers, customers, companies, materials, surveys and events at the account level.

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