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Episode 34: Achieiving 365 Community with Your Event Brand with Josh Hotsenpiller from JUNO

We want to engage our attendees year-round, but the changes that we saw in 2020 have made that even more possible! In this episode, we’ll talk to Josh from JUNO – a platform that’s set out to really engage your attendees during AND between events to create more engagmeent and connection to your brand!


Josh Hotsenpiller is a premier thought leader on human connection.  As a TEDx alumni and U.S. Department of State speaker ambassador, Josh travels globally equipping and inspiring people across all sectors to re-learn and resurrect the power of human connection and soft skills. From keynotes to executive training, Josh partners with leading companies like HP and Atrium (one of Crain’s top NYC companies to work for) to increase employees’ soft skills and emotional well-being. Josh earned his theology degree in Nyack, New York. After starting a faith community in San Diego, CA with only his wife, the community grew to over 1000 regular attendees. Harnessing his desire to scale purpose-centered ideas, Josh co-founded Profits 4 Purpose, a SAAS software company empowering nearly 1 million global employees to volunteer and donate. After an exit from what is now Blackbaud, Josh founded and remains CEO of CrowdHub and Wisdom Capture. With millions of users connected to their various platforms, his clients include Unilever, UNICEF, HP, GoPro, Nestlé, and VISA among many others. Today, Josh is committed to revolutionizing relationships at all levels. As a human connection expert, he challenges teams and individuals to reframe their approach in connecting with others. His guidance will challenge you to develop a renewed commitment to yourself and the people in your life.

Website: junolive.co

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