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Episode 31: Smart Production Pivots with Jordan Goodfellow from GigStream

Jordan Goodfellow didn’t just sit back and let the pandemic change his business. He took his 10+ years of production experience and brought it to his customers in a way that he knew would be beneficial, launching GigStream, a streaming platform that comes with the production services his clients already knew and trusted. It was a genius move and we’re excited to talk to him about this journey and what other production companies could learn from his work.  

Jordan Goodfellow is the CEO of GigRent spend most the last 20 years executing the creative logistics required by live events. 

As a leader in the industry, Jordan’s focus is on find more opportunity for employees and contractors alike to find meaningful work while supporting their families.

Having led high Double-digit growth in each year since 2015, Jordan believes that GigRent is poised to take a more commanding role in the Live Event industry as a supplier and a logistics provider. His love of his family (including the dogs) and biking, keeps him feeling young and coming back for more. To learn more about Jordan, head over to GigRent.com.

Website – GigRent.com
Insta: GigRentAV
Personal Insta – @therareexperience
Facebook: GigRent
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordan-goodfellow-28589310/

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