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Episode 29: The Future of Hybrid Technology in the Events Industry with Alon Alroy from Bizzabo

Technology has been rapidly evolving, especially since COVID-19 hammered the events industry. In this episode, we’ll chat with Alon Alroy – Co-Founder of one of the fastest growing event technology companies to see what the last year+ has been like for him and team AND we’ll talk about what they’re expecting as it relates to hybrid and event technology.

Alon is the Co-Founder of Bizzabo, an event success platform for virtual, in-person and hybrid events. Bizzabo is helping marketers and event organizers from world leading brands to promote, manage and maximize their professional events, to create memorable and impactful experiences. Alon has built Bizzabo’s business operations from the ground up and as CMO and Chief Customer Officer is overseeing its marketing, strategy, and customer management teams. 

Alon began his career in the Israeli Air Force, where he served as a special forces platoon commander for 6 years. Prior to founding Bizzabo, Alon was a senior startups investment analyst at ISP Financials. He graduated with high honors from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, where he did his BA in Business and LLB in Law. He was selected to participate in the prestigious Zell Entrepreneurship program, where he met his Bizzabo co-founders Eran Ben-Shushan and Boaz Katz, and in New York’s exclusive Venture Fellows Program. After co-leading Bizzabo to become a leader in the event technology space, Alon was recognized as a “40 under 40 young leaders” by Collaborate Magazine, “100 most influential People in The Event Industry” By Eventex as well as one of the top 10 Israeli CMOs by Geektime Magazine.

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