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Episode 28: Clubhouse for Event Businesses with Cameron Toth from BIZ DEV LIVE

Ever since Clubhouse has started to rise in popularity, Cameron has been checking in out and sharing knowledge there. In this episode, we’ll chat with him about how to leverage Clubhouse for business growth!

Cameron Toth is the Host and Founder of Biz Dev Live. Cameron Toth founded Toth Event Staffing in 2011. Toth Event Staffing is a hospitality company, providing staff to caterers, cafeterias and catering departments in Westchester, NY and NYC. Biz Dev Live was founded in 2020. Biz Dev Live takes Cameron’s entrepreneurship experience and combines it with his passion for helping young people and business minded professionals. Cameron Toth’s mission in life is increasing access to education and opportunity for all people. Cameron Toth serves on the Board of SoundBusiness.org. He has been involved with the organization since 1996 when he interned with his mentor and role model Mr. Charles Thompson. The organization provides College and Career guidance and programs for high school students providing a model that promotes good choices and education through peer to peer engagement. You can see Cameron Toth, Monday through Friday, on Biz Dev Live, broadcasted on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. You can join his facilitated networking event on Tuesdays (NETWORKING by Biz Dev Live). You can join his Master Networks Mount Pleasant Chapter where he currently serves as Chapter President. And you can watch the electrifying comment extravaganza filled Master Connection Series with Steve Spiro on Fridays at 2:00PM Eastern on LinkedIn LIVE.



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