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How To Bring Life Back To Corporate Conferences by @purplepatchgrp

Corporate events include conferences, client events, internal meetings, parties, and team building events. It can be a one-day event or a week-long conference. However, making the event interesting is not an easy task.

With big cities such as London, New York, and others hosting corporate events every month, event planners need to find new approaches to ensure attendees are engaged and entertained. Traditional methods cannot bring back life to corporate conferences.

Since it is easier for someone to stick to old approaches than inventing new ideas, engaging a professional planner might be a good action. Professional planners know the best strategies needed to make the event engaging. If you are looking for ways to make your event a success, here are a few ways you can use.

How to bring life back to corporate conferences

1. Invest in theme and presentations

One way to bring life back to a corporate event is inventing in the theme, branding, graphics, and presentations. Whether it is a smaller meeting, something smaller, or a big event, these are the things that will make your corporate event interesting.

A good theme will keep your attendees connected and happy. So, the overall theme needs to be dynamic and unique. It should describe your event and be attractive to keep your guests interested in the occasion. Also, the presentations need to be engaging, entertaining and based on the event. Besides, ensure there a proper arrangement of the tables, chairs, podium, speakers, and other elements of the event.

2. Have more entertainment and less talk

Finding speakers for your corporate event is a nice idea. However, the speaker should not take a lot of your time. Fortunately, there are many ways you can send messages to your guests without delivering long speeches. For example, you can use social media, videos and other techniques to deliver messages to your attendees.

All your attendees need to feel engaged from the beginning to the end. Therefore, look for new ways that your audience can participate in. For instance, you can provide a unique experience through games, food tasting, or have a unique strategy where people can be able to share their experiences.

3. Use technology

Technology has changed the way we plan and attend major events. Today, brochures, mailing lists, and other traditional strategies are no longer in use. Uses of the internet and other developments have dominated to bring life to corporate events. For example, Twitter, apps, Facebook, and other social media platforms allow event organisers to promote specific events to a particular group of people.

The technology has also brought VR and AR. Both VR and AR leave your attendees with smiles on their faces. It is a technology that can bring the guests together, start discussions, and make the event memorable. You can also use the VR experience to have a fun atmosphere at the event and get attendees to feel energized. Most conference organisers in London and other major cities are already using and reaping the benefits of the virtual world.

4. Have an activity-based event

Another way to bring life back to a corporate conference is having an activity-based event. This will add team spirit among the attendees and bring a social atmosphere. For instance, you have mini breakout-sessions and include games such as bowling, video games, and other indoor sports games.

You also need to have strategies to ensure every guest participates in the event. Help them feel welcome and connected. Keep in mind that your corporate conference will be successful if everyone feels engaged. Therefore, you need to make sure you are innovative enough to keep all attendees involved. In addition, you should appreciate your guests attention and ensure their time is not wasted.

The Bottom-line

Today, a corporate conference has to be interesting and engaging. If you do not craft appealing strategies, you will have a hard time enticing people to show up, or take anything away from the event. So, from the theme and presentations to the venue and activities, you need to be more than creative.

One simple way to make a conference interactive is to understand what your attendees expect to get from the event. Using technology is one of the best ways you can engage and bring life to your corporate event, while also standing out from the crowd! It is simple, affordable, entertaining, and very engaging.

Author Bio

Paul Campbell is the founder and directors of the Purple Patch Group, a business that started life as an event agency in London over ten years ago. Through years of live events experience on both sides of the fence, managing them, and sitting front row, Paul and fellow other director Holly created the Presentation Experts aswell. Through Purple Patch Group they develop corporate events and conferences for brands and companies who are looking for a reliable, but innovative event agency!

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