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Leading Event Software Aventri and AI ChatBot Technology Sciensio Team Up

New AI Solution Slashes Planner Workload, Drives Attendee Engagement

NORWALK, Conn., Jan 09, 2019 – Event professionals can enrich the attendee experience, while saving time and money, thanks to new capabilities announced today by Aventri and Sciensio.

The partnership combines Sciensio’s artificial intelligence chatbot technology with Aventri’s enterprise software. The result is the industry’s first end-to-end event management solution that leverages EventBots to provide quick answers to thousands of common event questions.

Where should I park? How do I get to the convention center? What’s the dress code? Can I get gluten-free meals? Do meeting rooms have Wi-Fi … Using Aventri, planners can now get instant answers to these and countless other questions 24/7/365. Sciensio’s conversation design engine delivers millions of answers to everyday event questions with an average response time of less than three seconds.

Previously, attendees have had to log onto a computer and search a website, download an app, contact a call center, or send an email and often wait hours or days for answers. Organizers, in turn, have had to devote a great deal of time to responding to repetitive questions. Many of these inquiries pour in all at once when planners are busiest, the day before the event.

“As consumers, attendees are used to getting immediate answers on their smart devices about weather, news, sports, directions, recipes … you name it,” explains Brad Langley, vice president of channel and partner management at Aventri. “EventBots use AI and text to drive richer event experiences. They enable attendees to get answers in a way that’s in tune with how they receive information in the rest of their lives.

“One of the beauties of an EventBot is you can have hundreds, even thousands, of participants receiving answers to different questions at the same time,” Langley continues. “You can’t do that with other communication channels. This frees planners up to focus precious time and energy on the other responsibilities that go into creating successful events.”

EventBots are available as an add-on to the Aventri product suite. Set-up is easy. Now, organizers can access EventBots directly through the Aventri dashboard. The integration ensures a seamless experience and eliminates the need for redundant data entry.

EventBots in Action

EventBots work best on mobile devices and go hand-in-hand with event apps, websites, social media and other channels. They deliver information through SMS, WebChat, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. But the most popular channels by far are SMS and WebChat, according to Bob Caldwell, founding partner and chief revenue officer at Sciensio.

“Not all attendees read event emails and printed material,” Caldwell explains. “But text messages have a 98 percent open rate. On average, people read them in less than five seconds. That means attendees actually read the important things organizers send them. Attendees have the technology in their hands and know how to use it. If they can text, they can use EventBots.”

With the new Aventri/Sciensio chatbot technology, attendees simply text their questions to a phone number the organizer provides. The EventBot’s AI analyzes the text and responds with the exact information the customer needs. Since potential attendees often have questions before committing to an event, the EventBot helps drive registration.

Sciensio’s award-winning EventBots have a 95+ percent correct response rate, exceeding even a call center industry average of 80 percent. When necessary, they can easily refer complex questions to another customer support option, so the attendees needs are met quickly.

Event profs gain a powerful message delivery tool and real-time view of EventBot interactions with participants. So they can use the power of AI to drive engagement and improve their events.

Push/Pull Solution

Organizers can customize EventBots with a name and personality to match their brand.

The solution not only answers questions, but also serves as a powerful tool for sending targeted notifications like greetings, feedback requests and reminders. What’s more, the technology plays a key role for event emergency preparedness, by providing a fast, reliable tool to alert attendees of changes and emergencies.

Of course, attendees, sponsors and speakers have different priorities. Aventri/Sciensio EventBots lend a friendly voice to event data. The technology can customize communications by participant roles, interests, educational tracks, sessions and more to further enhance the attendee experience.

“We’re delighted to partner with an industry leader like Sciensio,” Langley says. “Our customers have engaging new technology that strengthens their brand and radically reduces their workload and costs, while adding value throughout their events.”

EventBots improve customer service at large-scale events. They also work well for smaller, single-day meetings and conferences of 30 – 300 attendees or more.

For additional information, visit Aventri.com.

About Sciensio

Sciensio is one of the leading pioneers of AI ChatBots for customer support and the global leader for EventBots. The company’s award-winning solutions have been deployed for events from 10 to 100,000+ attendees and can be used for any type of meeting, conference, festival or gathering. Sciensio has won more than a dozen industry awards, including MPI WEC Tech Showcase 2018, National Sports Forum Tech Tank 2018, IMEX America #IMEXpitch 2017, SISO Innovation Battlefield 2017 and IBTM World Technology Watch 2017. The company also was named to CIO Review’s 2018 list of the 10 Most Promising Conversational Platform Solution Providers. Learn more at sciensio.com/eventbots.

About Aventri

Aventri is a global leader in cloud-based analytics and data-driven end-to-end event management and venue sourcing solutions. The award-winning, open-source platform delivers innovative technology solutions to streamline the event process, providing real-time data and analytics on event performance, customer engagement, and increasing measurable event ROI. Founded in 2008, Aventri has assisted more than 25,000 event professionals in planning, executing, and measuring their events. With a focus on event sourcing and hospitality, registration, marketing, logistics, engagement, mobile, and data analytics, the company serves more than 1,300 customers, including leading corporations, associations, agencies, and educational institutions globally. Headquartered in the United States, Aventri also has offices in the UK, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, India, and UAE. Aventri is a portfolio company of private equity firm HGGC. Learn more at aventri.com.

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