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Bizzabo Launches Ultra Branded Apps as it Continues to Shift Upmarket in the Events Industry

White label event app makes it seamless for enterprise organizations to design a stunning mobile experience in addition to optimizing attendee, speaker and sponsor engagement in entirely new ways

NEW YORK – October 9, 2018 – Bizzabo, the world’s leading event success platform, today revealed the launch of its new ultra branded event app to support its constant upmarket growth in the billion-dollar events software industry. Market Research Future’s new report on the Global Event Management Software industry cites its projected growth to reach $14.5 billion by 2020, driven by increasing expenditure on event management tools and growing adoption of cloud platform technology from providers like Bizzabo. The company’s new white label app solution offers fully customizable branding capabilities that deliver a premium event experience for attendees. Starting today, Bizzabo’s customers can generate new ultra branded event apps for creating engaging events worldwide.

Eran Ben-Shushan, Co-founder and CEO of Bizzabo, said: “The events app market has evolved tremendously since we began in 2012, and over the years, brands have sought out more holistic and more high-end customizable event management solutions to create consistent brand experiences and meet their growing needs. At Bizzabo, we’ve always been market pioneers – offering the first networking events app solution, then the first robust modern web solution, and now the first truly integrated white label app events solution. This will enable us to keep growing upmarket with key brands, while also continuing our focus on delivering best-in-class features and functionality for marketers to create impactful in-person events.”

Trey Smith, Vice President of Events for Human Capital Media, said: “Bizzabo’s white label app makes it so easy for us to customize our entire event experience and keep our attendees engaged.”

Bizzabo’s new ultra branded events app enables marketers to create a more personalized experience for attendees to engage with their brand, building an event community in order to form more meaningful connections. Brands can fully customize their event app appearance from the first touch in the app stores, to the app icon and label presented on the mobile home screen, and finally, the actual app interface colors, content and look and feel. The Bizzabo platform offers an end-to-end branded experience for attendees to fully immerse in their events, and for marketers to measure performance and ROI.

Trusted by over 10,000 live events worldwide, Bizzabo not only provides the software solution to create the app, but also the marketing expertise to optimize the app store appearance in order to reach maximum adoption rate. The new white label events app is already in use by some of the world’s leading event brands, including Hubweek, South Summit and Hashtag Sports.

For more information on Bizzabo and its new ultra branded events app, visit www.bizzabo.com.

About Bizzabo

Bizzabo is an award-winning holistic event cloud providing marketers with a modern suite of tools to create impactful and rewarding professional events. Bizzabo unleashes the power of events to drive impactful in-person experiences, networking opportunities and business outcomes for thousands of events around the world including those by WeWork, Hubspot, GitHub, EA Sports, CoinDesk, and Gainsight. Customers use Bizzabo to consolidate their event stack and benefit from the platform’s insights to manage, measure and grow their events participation, engagement and experience. Key features enable organizers to build websites, manage event registration, sell tickets, grow communities through onsite networking, and event apps – all within a cloud-based, user-friendly platform.

Founded in 2012 by Eran Ben-Shushan, Alon Alroy, and Boaz Katz, the company’s mission is to bring people together, and to make events more rewarding and impactful for everyone involved. Bizzabo was selected by The Event Technology Awards, in 3 consecutive years, as The People Choice’s Award for Favorite Event Technology Solution. Backed by leading investors Pilot Growth Equity, Maor Investments, LionBird VC, AfterDox VC Mr. Zvi Limon, Mr. Gigi Levy, Mr. Barak Rabinowitz, Mr. Joey Low, Mr. Eli Alroy, OurCrowd and Kaedan Capital, the company holds offices in Tel-Aviv and New-York. To learn more, visit https://www.bizzabo.com.

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