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3 Tips to Tackle Your Monday Like a PRO

I’ve got my Starbucks locked and loaded and I’m ready to hit Monday with a vengeance. When you love what you do, you can look forward to a productive Monday, rather than dreading it. Here are a few of my Monday practices that keep me on track all week long.

Update my calendar.

I block out time for all the priority projects I need to tackle that week. I also schedule all the calls I know I’ll need to take and make sure I know what is on my cal for the entire week. This helps me professionally and personally – so I understand what I have ahead of me and can plan accordingly.

Clean out my inbox.

There’s no better feeling than a well-managed inbox so I spend the first few hours of Monday morning combing through my emails and getting back to anything I missed the previous week. If you missed my latest post on managing your inbox, here are some of my tips for getting to Inbox Zero!

Set my daily goals.

With competing prorities, a set task list can be hard to follow. There’s always something popping up and throwing us off. So – my latest technique is to set just a single daily goal – the BIGGEST thing I absolutely MUST achieve each day of the week. That way – no matter what pops up, I have one big business thing to focus on before I can call the day successful. While smaller tasks can get moved around, my BIG priority must be accomplished. Even better – I try to accomplish that task first thing so I start my day feeling productive!

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