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Disrupting the Meeting and Events Industry : Redefining Room Block Management

Chicago, Illinois, October 2, 2017 – Resiada™ announces the public launch of its revolutionary new room block management software for event planners, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO/CVB) sport organizations and events rights holders.

Resiada gives its users full control over their room block setup and management via an easy to use do-it-yourself interface. As a secure cloud-based solution, solid live data, real-time reporting tools, shared revenue option, and rooming lists are available 24/7 to help event planners curb attrition. Setting up an event in resiada is straightforward, but what makes it unique is the ability to generate additional revenue from room bookings.

Born from the goal of redefining the meeting and event room block management experience, resiada’s mission is “to innovate by continuously challenging the status quo and enhancing the experience, not just for guests, but also for event planners,” says Jennifer Beatty, Managing Director of resiada, and a veteran of the Meetings and Conventions industry for over 15 years (11 of those spent working for DMOs) . “We know how hard event planners work. We want to help them work smarter rather than harder; we want them to be able to ‘rest easy’ when it comes to managing their room block bookings.’”

Additional resiada functionality includes integration options with various registration, CRM and marketing tools. Further service options available to resiada users include; call center, technical support and also dedicated account managers to help them oversee their events.

Sign up for your free account at resiada.com and experience a new way, to manage your room blocks for your upcoming events.

To learn more visit resiada.com or call 1-888-RESIADA.
For media inquires please contact us at media@resiada.com

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