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Revolution is in the Air – A New Way of Sculpting Negative Space: The Originators Launch Atmospherics


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New York, NY, April 12, 2017 –  The Originators, highly regarded pop-up experience designers, have seized upon the current zeitgeist and are reflecting this general state of change and flux by launching a revolutionary new décor concept – Atmospherics – that introduces an exciting new approach to incorporating negative space in unexpected ways.

Using different fabrics and rigging methods to create a totally immersive environment – be it an entry element like a tunnel, a ceiling treatment, stage backdrop or lounge – Atmospherics are heralding a new design aesthetic that is just now capturing producer’s imaginations.

Originators’ co-founder and chief creative, Debra Roth, devised the concept of using new technologies to create more organic shapes and complex forms that sculpt space like they never could before: “3-D design is showing us points of view we’ve never had. Now we’re interpreting the unique shapes of computer-driven parametric designs with an array of fabrics to create visually complex, artistically-driven décor design that’s ultimately relatively simple and highly impactful.”

Marc Posnock, co-founder and head of sales and marketing, points out, “Like any artistic expression that reflects its time, the Originators are shaking it up, doing our own disruption. Atmospherics echo ‘something’s in the air,’ literally, but that it’s new and different.” Quickly adding, “In a good way.”

This is hardly a radical departure from tradition for the Originators. As their name implies, the Originators have always led by example with out-of-the-box thinking. And now they’re embracing change with new and different styles of décor and its usage.

The concept behind Atmospherics is to take the repetition of form (in this case, individual fabric panels, called “Wisps”) and create the illusion – a “trick of the eye” – that, when viewed with the negative space it shares, appears to be a solid object. It’s the repetition of the Wisps, with each one being gradually different than another, that creates the rhythm and form of the Atmosphere. This perception operates on the same persistence-of-vision principal of motion pictures and gives the overall shape an animated visual effect and a one-of-a-kind impact.

From undulating ceiling designs to twisting-turning tunnels and cloud-like lounge areas, Atmospherics play with the dimensions of space and perception. Debra explains, “What I love about it is that your eye fills in the negative space to make it a volumetric form. And that negative space surrounds our shapes and gives it definition.” And Marc points out the emotional connection, “We’re creating a spatial optical illusion and your brain is in on the conspiracy. It completes the 3d form and leaves you no choice but to interact.”

Debra adds, “It’s an interpretation of a live Hologram…the positive and negative compete…and you have to experience it to feel the full effect. The sheerness of multi-layer opacities create intrigue. And who doesn’t like a little mystery?”

The Originators are a design and fabric structure boutique whose creative niche as experience makers of pop-up environments, 3-D design, fabric décor installations and live special effects for events, exhibits, and permanent display. Its founders, Debra Roth and Marc Posnock, are the two people most responsible for originating the use of fabric structures in the events industry over 25 years ago. Now they’re offering the same innovative spirit, creativity and ingenuity they’re known for to explore new dimensions.

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