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8 ROI-Driven Trade Show Goals & Objectives by @QuickTapSurvey

A trade show is an opportunity to boost your brand awareness, capture leads, and even launch a new product to a receptive and targeted audience. The goals you set before the show will help you streamline your efforts and maximize your ROI on the money you spend to get there and exhibit. You’ll also be able to measure the success of the show in a tangible way.

You’re spending money to get there, from your booth to actually transporting your team, so setting goals that allow you to get the maximum return on your investment ensures the show is truly a success. While you can just put up a booth and pass out materials, considering the following possibilities and goals allows you to really make the most of the show:

  • Can you capture leads for your salespeople to follow up on later?
  • Can you make appointments with people you’d otherwise have to travel to see?
  • Can you get your brand in front of a wider audience or gather free publicity?
  • Is there any market research you can gather while you are there?
  • Can you give a new product a head start with a VIP launch or preview at the event?

Launch a New Product

A fast and easy way to generate buzz about your latest product is to offer a special, VIP sneak preview at your next show. You can do demos, tailor your booth around the new item and even do an in-person trade show survey to get feedback that can help you market your latest product effectively.

Boost Brand Awareness

How many people in your industry and related areas are aware of your brand? Your trade show experience offers a valuable opportunity to introduce or reintroduce your brand to your audience. Offer demonstrations, educate visitors about your product and get your items into people’s hands. A trade show appearance can help legitimize a new business or revitalize an existing one, making your prospect more aware of your brand.

Market Research

What do your customers really think about your product, what are they most worried about in general and what needs do they have. A steady stream of visitors to your booth is a valuable opportunity for data collection via a lead capture app for trade shows; offer a prize and you’ll be able to capture leads and data with ease.

Meet the Media

Local, industry and national media may be at your event; this is a valuable opportunity to make connections that will help your business grow. Make sure you have and take along media relations kits to pass out to press and that you make your mark on the visiting journalists. You could also gain valuable press coverage, just by attending and being featured on television or in news media.

Channel Support and Building

Boost your existing channel relationships and forge new connections at industry shows. From your existing partners to new agents, distributors and dealers, a trade show is a valuable opportunity to connect.

Lead Generation

It is likely your primary goal; capturing leads that your sales team can follow up on later. Incentivize lead capture and you’ll bring home plenty of data for your sales team to work with. Use a tradeshow lead capture app to collect data and make it easy for your team to make connections after the show has ended.

Improve Customer Relations

Work with your existing customers and forge new relationships by meeting in person at the show. You’ll be able to see more clients in the few days you’re all in the same city that you could any other time of year – without the travel costs.

Your own specific goals and objectives will vary, but using the general outline above to make sure you cover everything from lead generation to brand awareness and even media relations ensures you make the most out of your show investment.

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