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Two Tools To Declutter Your Life for 2017

Something about a new year looming just around the corner makes people get the itch to organize our lives. From closets to inboxes, people are doing everything they can to get rid of the clutter in their life so they can start the new year fresh. I absolutely fall into this category of people and spend the week between Christmas celebrations and New Year’s going through as much of my life as possible. I suppose the underlying belief is that the more we can enter the new year without junk all around us, the more successful we will be. People often ask me how I clean out my inbox and manage organizing my life, since I am quite OCD about all of this. I thought I would share today two platforms I’m using this year to declutter.

This might be my favorite organizational tool, especially because my aim in life is inbox zero. All you need to do here is link it to your email account (and yes, you can do this for ALL of your email accounts). Unroll.me will go through your inbox and pull up a list of all of your subscriptions. You can then go through and decide to unsubscribe with the click of a button or roll up the subscription into a digest. Let’s say you find you’re subscribed to over 2,000 newsletters (because that totally happened to me!), you can unsubscribe from 1,800 and roll the remaining 200 into a weekly digest. That’s right – just ONE marketing email per week! You can set your preferences so the options really are endless. If you want West Elm subscriptions daily, but techsytalk newsletters only once a week, you can make that happen. This one will change your inbox (and therefore your life). Period. Use it, and you won’t regret it.

Now if decluttering your inbox felt good, imagine if you could trim your finances too! Well, you can with this app called Trim! Simply link your bank account and it will pull a list of all the subscriptions you have. Again, with the click of the button, you can unsubscribe and SAVE. This feels good for your wallet and your spirit, and you can connect checking accounts, credit cards and more! We all sign up for so many things and the retailers are hoping you don’t notice that pesky little $5.99 charge for Hootsuite that you may not have used in, oh say, 2 years.

That’s right, folks! Technology is our friend so use it wisely!! Spend some time before the new year rolls in decluttering and may you have a prosperous and AMAZING 2017!!

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