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Swoogo Celebrates Fast Growth with 50 th Customer @swoogo

Westport, Connecticut August 11 2016

Event marketing software newcomer Swoogo announced the acquisition of their 50 th customer today. In just eight months since launching, the company is celebrating rapid success, growing to their current size with no outside funding, and no plans to take investment money in the future.

The unprecedented speed of the company’s growth has highlighted the market’s hunger for a younger, fresher, more robust event software solution. Swoogo’s second generation event tech team, led by Leonora Valvo and Tim Cummins (both previously of etouches) has delivered a product seamlessly designed to answer the problems industry heavyweights have left unsolved for almost a decade.

“We’re honored by the outpouring of confidence the market has shown us and we’re committed to being an independent company that is dedicated to its customers. More importantly—we’re excited to continue building a product that makes event professionals’ lives easier,” says company founder Valvo.

While the company has grown at an unbelievable pace, the team’s success is no surprise to Swoogo’s first customer. “Swoogo is an extremely user-friendly tool,” says Vendome’s Senior Marketing Director Abbegayle Morrow, “The experience from the back-end development to the front-end user is extremely smooth, logical, and very easy to use. Swoogo…is clean, functional and professional – from the registration build-out to even the website build-out. Having worked with many different systems, Swoogo is certainly at the very top of my list.”

It’s clear that Swoogo is doing things a little differently from other products on the market. “Tim [Cummins] and Leonora [Valvo] worked incredibly hard to make a product that is easier to learn and use than any other similar solution. A new generation of event professionals is out there dealing with software systems that were developed before they had even graduated from high school. You wouldn’t buy a cell phone from 2008 – why would you buy event software from then? So we set out to tell these smart, tech-savvy people that yes, duh, there should be something better out there, and there is. It’s us,” said Swoogo marketing consultant Molly Falco.

Beyond their refined product, Swoogo is quickly becoming known for their outstanding support. Led by Head of Product Neil Keefe and Director of Support Michael Sabani, customers are currently reporting 100% satisfaction with the company’s help system.

It’s clear that the Swoogo team has stumbled upon a recipe for success, and the company is looking to continue growing full speed ahead.

Contact: Molly Falco, Marketing Director, mfalco@swoogo.com

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