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Why is It Important to Market An Event App? By @SwetaGovani of @Yapp

The benefits of an event app are clear for attendees, sponsors, planner and everyone else involved. However, how can reap these benefits everyone is buzzing about? You’ll need to market your event app! Here are a few key reasons why:

  1. Attendees will not find it on their own. The truth of the matter is, regardless of how awesome the app is, attendees will not download it unless you ask them to. The onus is on the planner and marketers to show the value of the app to the attendees. Highlight features that they can’t find in the print guide and ways their event experience will be improved if they use it.
  2. As you market your app, you’re marketing your event. A good marketing strategy includes messaging the attendees (and prospective attendees) via many channels. As you spread the word about the app, they’ll also hear about the event. It’s fantastic brand exposure for the event.
  3. Sponsors will be impressed. There are many ways to incorporate and highlight sponsors and other key partners in your event app. A high adoption rate is very beneficial to them in getting a better ROI. Additionally, if you’ve featured them on the app cover, their brand automatically gets exposure as you market the app with images of the app.

Marketing your event app doesn’t have to be difficult. You can leverage existing tools, tips, strategies resources such as this Event App Marketing Guide. It has a 6 channel marketing strategy as well as a 3-month event app marketing plan and editable templates so marketing the event app won’t be yet another daunting task on your event planners checklist.

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