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Event Planning Tools: Best Tools and Apps for Fundraisers

Check out this blog I wrote for Eventoozi about one of techsytalk.com’s favorite subjects – Event Planning Tools!

Planning an event, whether it’s a corporate event, networking event or fundraiser, is a cumbersome process. Let’s face it – there’s a reason why event planners make the list of most stressful jobs every year. Logistics are a bit hairy, even for the most seasoned event professional. But, there are a few tools that you can make use of that will help planning your next event a bit less stressful.

There’s a reason why event planner makes the list of most stressful jobs every year.

Event management platforms

One of the great things about the way that event technology has developed over the past few years is that there are many new event management tools. These platforms have been put together to allow an event planner to plan all the different logistical aspects of their events from a single platform. While Excel is great, these neutral programs really make a difference in the planning process. I like several event management platforms, but my top choice is Bizzabo.


Great corporate or brand sponsors are the backbone of any fundraising event. We spend a large portion of our time trying to make sure that we connect with new sponsors, and keep old sponsors engaged. There is a lot of innovation in the space as well and one of the companies that I really like is called SponsorMyEvent. Simply list your event, including all of the sponsor opportunities, and allow the sponsors to use the platform to find you. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? While platforms like this are amazing, they should only supplement your sponsor outreach plan. They cannot fully replace it.

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Event Marketing Platforms

Once we’ve planned a great event, it’s time to get the word out. But doing interesting things with our event marketing is another struggle for many event planners. I really like tools like Splash – that make developing an attractive and mobile-ready event website very accessible. I also really like the concept of affiliate marketing and influencer marketing – leveraging people in our network who have an audience of their own. Let’s say you can offer an influencer in your audience a free ticket if they bring 10 other paid tickets to the event. Or, recognize someone who shares the event in their network by giving them a sponsorship title at the gala. There are a lot of registration platforms that allow you to track affiliate marketing – Eventbrite, Splash, Bizzabo, among others.

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