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The Event Guys Launches “Integration Platform as a Service” for the Meeting & Event Industry @Builtio

Powered by Built.io Flow, Meeting and Event Planners Can Now Connect Disparate Systems into Complete End­to­End Solutions

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July 6, 2016, Portland, Oregon

In the 2015 study “The State of Event Technology Adoption” conducted by MPI and PSAV, 69% of respondents were found to use manual processes (information tracked through Word documents, email or spreadsheets) to ensure that programming, sessions, speaker lists and session details are consistent across the web, print directories, digital signs and the mobile app.

This same study concluded that “the manual data management—using Word documents, emails, handwritten notes or spreadsheets—used by a large numbers of event professionals to align both attendee and program databases means that they are precluded from the wide range of benefits that come from automated data synchronization and integration. This lack of technology adoption has the potential to increase staffing costs, decrease operational efficiency, decrease data accuracy and deprive organizations of the insights that comes from the advanced computing capabilities of automated systems.”

To help planners overcome these barriers, The Event Guys, in a strategic partnership with Built.io, has launched an Integration Platform as a Service to help planners connect their separate systems into complete end­-to-­end solutions. Planners can use the platform to integrate their existing systems, or select “best of breed” platforms from the EventTechGuide Marketplace to connect together into technology stacks. Dozens of other mainstream business applications ­ such as email, CRM, marketing automation, project management tools and accounting systems ­ are already available for integration through the Built platform. Planners can also incorporate data provided by smart badges, wearables, sensors, beacons and any other connected device with a digital heartbeat to spark innovation with the “Internet of Things” to enable new experiences.

This new platform will help planners increase productivity by eliminating manual and double entry and improving workflow through automation. It will also help small emerging technology companies with innovative products compete for market share with larger legacy systems by bundling and connecting their platforms with other products.

“This platform has the potential to be a game­changer for the events industry,” shared Eric Kingstad, CEO of The Event Guys. “The lack of integration between systems is a very real pain point and obstacle. Planners are busy people that just want technology to work, so that they can focus on improving engagement and experience. Integration of data between systems and automatic workflow enables them to get to the next level of strategic planning and to maximize ROI from their meetings and events.”

“We are thrilled to partner with The Event Guys,” said Kurt Collins, director of partnerships at Built.io. “The event and meeting industry is ripe with opportunities for digital innovation. By combining their extensive know­how and industry experience with Built.io Flow’s ability to quickly and easily integrate systems, The Event Guys are able to reimagine the event experience and deliver truly transformative solutions for attendees and organizers alike.”

Built.io Flow is a new kind of integration platform for connecting separate systems of many kinds, ranging from cloud­based services to legacy IT systems. Its drag­and­drop, icon­based UI is simple enough that business managers can connect a couple of applications. In addition, the Flow cloud integration platform also serves veteran software developers and architects who create sophisticated integrations between extremely different systems.

The Event Guys is a consulting group formed in 2010 that specializes in meeting and event technology integration. In February 2016, The Event Guys launched the EventTechGuide Marketplace, a resource for meeting planners that makes it easier to discover, compare and purchase technology for meetings and events.

For more information contact Eric Kingstad at eric@kingstad.com or phone 503.539.1215.

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