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GruupMeet Debuts Industry’s First Automated Mobile Flight Manifest

Displays and Tracks Group Arrival and Departure Flights

DALLAS, TEXAS (June 3, 2016) – Collaborative on-site meetings execution, 2-way text messaging and enhanced participat engagement software provider, GruupMeet, released the industry’s first real-time mobile flight manifest engine with its hybrid app. The Hybrid app add-on allows airport staff, dispatchers, travel directors (TDs) and transportation staff to access core SaaS features of GruupMeet’s web app from any device.

With evolving strategic objectives, countless apps and access to real-time information, participant expectations and on-site meeting planning challenges are increasingly more demanding to manage.

The Hybrid app integrates with GruupMeet to provide seamless meeting and travel communications. Travel directors (TDs) and airport staff have convenient access to multiple programs, all from one app! There’s no need to download an app for each meeting OR for each client. TDs and staff can search for flights, delegate information/check-in, view real-time flights tracking, baggage claim information, notifications and passenger/VIP notes.

The automated flight manifest feature on the Hybrid app provides staff up-to-moment information literally at their fingertips, available via any mobile device with Internet access 24/7/365. GruupMeet is designed for total convenience, providing access to critical on-site data for exceptional support.

“Based on insights operating over 200 meetings across North America, South America and Australia this year; along with customer feedback, it was clear that the industry needed a mobile solution to access, edit and view flight manifests,” say Russell Wyman, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer.

Stacie Tillery, Director of Operations for ACCESS Destination Services Texas recently stated that, “The software is absolutely wonderful. We would sometimes spend hours checking flights… The fact that we communicate one message to thousands of people at a click of a button is awesome.”

The products’ intuitive design and features enable staff to easily see program updates and notifications, guest’s notes, transfer pick-up times and to access documents and files that are shared. In addition to viewing attendee information, flight tracking, baggage information and check in status, meeting planners can schedule automated messages via SMS and/or email and interact and assist guests within the app and via 2-way texting. Unlike two-way radios, the software keep a record of all dialog and history for accountability.

The Hybrid app’s features also include:

  • Select “Open Meetings” (Toggle between meetings associated with your account – Feature displays meeting data for various / multiple Admin accounts)
    • Benefit: Convenient for users that often support numerous planning agencies and/or destinations
  • See Notifications in your Inbox and view Planner Messages or pending Attendee Messages in “Planners” tab
  • Participant/VIP Contact Information
  • Flight Status, Baggage and Updates
  • Search for Data
  • Attendee Notes
  • Transfer Times
  • Mobile Check-in

GruupMeet provides wholesale software solutions and services, and works with some of the world’s most innovative brands. The Hybrid app and GruupMeet platform are available for white-labeling.


GruupMeet, Inc. is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool for group travel to meetings and incentives. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company is supported by the world’s only B2B micro-fund, Tech Wildcatters, and also by entrepreneurs who founded one of the world’s largest communications companies. GruupMeet has been named among the “Hottest Startups” in Dallas and has been featured in IMEX America’s Tech Startup Competition, Skift, EventManagerBlog, “20 under20” by Connect Meetings, PCMA’s Convening Leaders Tech Hub, etc.

For more information, visit www.gruupmeet.com. For Global Sales, email Sales@gruupmeet.com. Contact Russell Wyman, Russell@gruupmeet.com, for marketing or industry relations opportunities.

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