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Behind the Hustle: Nick Borelli (@nickborelli)

Nick Borelli, President and Strategist of Borelli Strategies, has been in the event industry since he was 14 years old. He specializes in digital marketing strategies through consulting, coaching, and brand communication management for events and event companies.

Nick has been awarded CBC Magazine’s Networking Star of the Year, Smart Business Magazine’s Social Media Impact Award, and the ISES WOW Award for Best Marketing Campaign over $75,000. In 2015, Nick was selected by Special Event Magazine as one of the 25 Top Young Professionals to watch. He speaks internationally on topics ranging from event technology, digital and live engagement, trade show exhibiting, and leadership.

He has held multiple positions with the International Special Events Society (ISES) including Chair of Digital Strategy, Midwest Brand Champion, ISES Live Conference Technology Chair as well as Cleveland Chapter VP of Communication and President. Nick is the Chair of Public Relations and Marketing for the SEARCH Foundation and is on the advisory council for the Student Event Planners Association & Events Uncovered.

“hi, my name is…”

The world knows me as: Nick Borelli

I’ve also been known to respond to the names: Event Social Media Guy

I am wicked good at: Utilizing Live & Digital Engagement To Accomplish Big Goals

Least favorite house chore: Folding laundry. I’d rather clean toilets

My go-to guilty pleasure food is: Cheeseburgers…oh so many cheeseburgers…

Favorite App: Right now? Snapchat.

Favorite quote: “…I agreed that what really matters is what you like, not what you are like… Books, records, films – these things matter. Call me shallow but it’s the f*n’ truth…” High Fidelity, Nick Hornby

“The Hustle”

Job Title: President / Strategist

Professional Superpower: The best there has ever been at doing me.

My primary role in the events industry is: Helping event companies and events create digital marketing strategies and tactics that help them reach their goals and objectives.

Years in the events industry: 20 (started when I was 14 and don’t know anything else)

To me, being an event hustler means: Never being a hack. Learning about, being inspired, and debating about what’s next for our industry 7 days a week.

The top 2 most surprising things I’ve learned about the events industry since starting are: 1. How small a global community it is. 2. How approachable even the industry giants are.

How did you get your start in the events industry? Washing dishes and food prep for the catering division of an amusement park. I served a few thousand guests per weekend in grade school and haven’t looked back.

My biggest event industry pet peeve is: Close minds. If you aren’t collaborating with anyone and everyone and trying to innovate you’re like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense (spoilers)…you’re dead but you just don’t know it yet.

“No such thing as TMI”

One thing that would really surprise people to learn about me is: I listen to Nerdcore Hip Hop

You can only keep 2 albums in your entire music collection -those albums would be: Vampire Weekend’s Contra (Deluxe) & Postal Service’s Give Up

10yr old me thought I’d grow up to be: Lawyer

Text or phone call? Txt!!!

Android or iPhone?  iPhone (all Apple everything)

Toilet paper roll – Over or under? Coin flip, I’m adaptable.

Connect with Nick:

Email: Nick@NickBorelli.com

Telephone: 814.746.1522





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