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Innovative Meetoo Release Encourages More Candid and Confidential Insight into Audience Views

New privacy settings and enhanced customization adds significant value to real-time messaging and polling application

Minneapolis, May 23, 2016 – Participants at meetings and events worldwide can now give honest and uninhibited feedback on topics under discussion thanks to the latest updates to the Meetoo audience engagement app from Lumi.

Meetoo is a real-time messaging and polling app that engages audiences to capture insight. The new release allows the moderator to disable the creation of participant profiles. The audience can now use the messaging and polling anonymously, eliciting more candid responses to questions. The profile settings can be changed on the fly, before or even during the meeting to enable an almost instant response to changes in mood or circumstance.

“Meetoo is designed to provide businesses and educators with true insight into the views, reactions and understanding of an audience,” said Jon Fowler, Lumi managing director, EMEA. “Too often audiences are afraid to speak their mind in front of their bosses, peers or classmates, which hampers their engagement in meetings and events. These latest updates to Meetoo are designed to empower participants to speak their mind without fear of potential negative repercussions.”

Meetoo is already being used extensively across the globe by customers such as AIG, KPMG, eBay and PwC. “Interaction between our participants was seamless. For the first time, everyone in the room was able to comment and contribute during the presentation. Meetoo helped us create one of our most engaging events yet,” reports Meg Gneiting, board of directors – director of social media, SITE SoCal.

Meetoo is also being used by educational establishments. Mick Anthony Wood, multimedia development officer at the University of Central Lancashire said: “Our students love Meetoo’s mobile functionality, while our lecturers find it a simple way to gain students’ insights, as well as instantly providing informative feedback.”

Further updates

Changes in privacy settings are just part of a list of new features developed by Meetoo in response to customer demand. Further enhancements focus on customization of the app–users are now able to tailor the welcome page to include key information such as instructions, speaker biographies, agendas and website links.

Users can also change the appearance, theme and branding of the app for individual meetings and include images, logos or photographs. This can be done at any time – even when the meeting is running – giving users absolute flexibility to respond to requests and changes.

“Meetoo provides an unparalleled understanding of attitudes, opinion and behavior in a dynamic and innovative way. We believe that being able to customize the app to more closely meet the needs of each individual customer will help make it an even more indispensable tool for adding significant value both during and after their meetings and events,” concludes Richard Taylor, CEO of Lumi.

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Lumi is a global market leader in real-time audience insight technology for research, meetings and events, education and corporate communication. Operating from offices in ten countries, Lumi’s core technologies and engaging mobile apps are used by hundreds of multinational corporations and their advisers to provide an unparalleled understanding of attitudes, opinion and behaviour in a dynamic and innovative way. www.lumiinsight.com

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