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Announcing Eventbee For Business

Online registration system with the flexibility of meeting any custom business requirements!

San Francisco, CA: Eventbee Inc., the online event registration and ticketing software company, announces the availability of Eventbee for Business today.

The company is excited to premiere the new Business tier, which extends the power of the Eventbee Platform to cater to custom business needs.

“Innovation isn’t something new at Eventbee. In 2008 we revolutionized the ticketing industry with our $1 flat fee per ticket pricing model. We’re leading the industry again by introducing ‘Ticketing Rules’ as part of this release.” said Bala Musrif, Founder and CEO of Eventbee.

Through the new Eventbee for Business tier and our industry-leading launch partners, business event managers can enable:

  • Ticketing Rules: With ticketing rules, businesses can create conditions to register for the event, e.g, unless attendee registered for the conference, can’t register for a session in the conference.
  • Buyer Page: Lets attendees to edit their registration profile information, and businesses can give access to exclusive content meant for the attendees.
  • Priority Registration: Priority Registration allows businesses to control who can register for the event.
  • Sub-Managers: Create sub-managers for team management of the event. Businesses can set access controls and delegate tasks to sub-managers, e.g, sub-managers that are allowed to check-in attendees at the venue.

“As we began researching online registration applications, we could not find a solution that specifically met our needs for a complex registration process. Eventbee, however, accommodated our requirements by creating customized ‘ticketing rules’ to prevent registrations being made during conflicting days and times, while staying well within our budget.” said Kathy O’Hern of Montana Association of Weavers & Spinners.

About Eventbee:
Headquartered in San Francisco, Eventbee Inc. provides innovative online registration and ticketing tools to the events industry. Since 2003, over 50,000 event managers in 170 countries have sold tickets in 30 different currencies while processing ticket sales in hundreds of millions of dollars. With offices in 3 continents, Eventbee operates with a single mission of providing the latest technologies to the event managers all over the world, while partnering with PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and Authorize.net.

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