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PODCAST RECAP: @LizKingEvents and @EdWaffles Interview Peter Poehle from @SponsorMyEvent

Peter Poehle from SponsorMyEvent


I’m an entrepreneur: the co-founder and CEO of SponsorMyEvent.com. I’m also the founder and director of media65 europe s.ar.l., a video-production company in Luxembourg, specialized in corporate videos, institutional films an commercials.

Prior to that I studied Digitale Medien (Media-informatics) and Law and obtained a Master in Computer-Science (Diplom-Informatiker).

Over the years I’ve gained lots of experience in management, finance but also project management and technical skills.

Specialties: Is it appropriate to say, that I’m versatile? Let’s try it:
I love management just as much as grabbing a camera and shooting a movie.
Even though many people are much better in coding than me, I’m able to write some decent lines of code (that’s why i’m a Dipl. Inf.) or at least to understand what’s going on in a developers brain.
I got used to understand the concepts of funding, investments and company valuation.
And after all sales and communication are a must in my business and I enjoy to be out and deal with (potential) clients.

Besides all that business stuff I love music and was composing myself a lot. But time is limited and so my studio doesn’t see me often these days. It happens more often that I cook and I feel that I’ve gained some decent skills in pleasing my family or friends with the dishes I prepare for them.


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