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EventMobi Shapes the Future of Digital Signage at Events


Toronto, Ontario ­ May 2016

EventMobi has announced the release of EventMobi Live DisplayTM, the world’s first real­time digital signage solution with social media, gamification and event app integration for events and conferences. A game­changing cloud based application that goes beyond typical twitter and social walls at events, Live DisplayTM has created a unique opportunity for marketing and event professionals to replace static signage and banner stands on­site.

With the launch of Live Display as part of our event technology platform, along with the availability of affordable large screen displays, we predict a rapid decline in use of static signage and banner stands at conferences.”, Bob Vaez, CEO of EventMobi.

For the first time ever, event signage is becoming a part of the overall event experience. Unlike existing social screens that overwhelm attendees with visual noise and random social content, Live Display has an enhanced design specifically made for busy conferences where people are constantly on the move. Event information is clearly presented in different modules, making it easy for attendees to read, digest and engage. This is accomplished through an innovative design by contextually separating the following information: conference agenda, social media posts, advertisement, gamification, alerts and updates, weather information and a real­time news ticker. Event organizers can position display screens running Live Display throughout the venue in high traffic areas, such as registration desks, hallways, and sessions rooms, ensuring that every attendee has access to relevant event information.

Megan Bentz, Field Marketing Manager at Informatica, recently utilized this leading technology at the MDM 360 Summit. “We used Live Display as an extension of our event branding in lieu of using static signage for a more dynamic experience. Live Display gave attendees the opportunity to very easily see what sessions were coming up and where they’d be located. It provided added promotional benefit to our partners and was a nice surprise when they arrived onsite.”

Live Display is an out of the box solution that runs on a browser and can connect to any screen or projector.

Since it’s fully integrated with EventMobi’s event app platform, marketing professionals and meeting planners already using EventMobi can get started using Live Display in minutes.

For More Information Visit: http://go.eventmobi.com/live­display


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Phone: +1 (888) 296­8415 x721
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