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Ask the Attendees: @RestoPresto #techstylenyc

At the height of NYFW, Janine Just Inc. presents TechStyle NYC, a day-to-night leisure of experiences at the nexus of fashion & technology, drawing influential media, bloggers, & celebrities into one fashion-forward event. Set above the bustle of fashion week, the lounge offers a welcome reprieve to VIPs to discover, the new, next and now among the emerging brands curated into the showcase. The event had a wonderful turnout and attendees enjoyed the chance to celebrate NYC’s fashion week in techsy style!

But just who are the brands that attended the event? What’s their take on the event industry? And what did they think of TechStyleNYC? We took the opportunity to interview a few of the attendees and over the next few days will be featuring their interviews, read on for a peek inside the experience:

Resto Presto logo

We talked to Candi Obrentz, creator of Resto Presto

First of all, please tell our readers about you – what is the company all about?

My name is Candi Obrentz and I am the creator of RestoPresto (http://www.restopresto.com), the compact pouch that converts to a versatile soft extra layer to sit on, sit under & wear. I discovered a gap in the market when I could not find a portable, lightweight, water-repellent mat to carry with me for the spontaneous and planned occurrences that take place when you are on-the-go. So, I created it myself by designing a lifestyle brand that combines several products into one and replaces hassle with convenience (and fun).

What were the 3 keys to getting the company off the ground – where did you invest your time?

The 3 keys to launching RestoPresto were:

  • Mastering collaboration. As a solopreneur, I actively partner with experts, who have the skills and knowledge that I do not, in order to achieve a goal. From an industry specialist who introduced me to the mysterious world of factories and textile vendors to talented sample makers to create prototypes based on my design drawings and instructions to attorneys to help me protect my brand and design with Intellectual Property to PR and media masters to guide me through the world of marketing.
  • Being bold. There must be a willingness to continuously leave my comfort zone and journey into the unknown territory that is necessary to build my first brand from scratch. Every. Single. Day. Some days that boldness is much stronger than on other days!
  • Keeping the faith. The rollercoaster of being a business owner and inventor can be positively and negatively overwhelming. When external forces that I cannot control interrupt my mojo or if I veer off track due to an unexpected challenge, I do my best to remember one basic truth: I love, believe in and am proud of RestoPresto.

Just having participated in TechStyle NYC, what role do live events play in your branding and marketing initiatives?

Participating in events like TechStyle NYC is hugely beneficial for RestoPresto because a live demo is the best way to show the distinctiveness of the product. Being face-to-face with savvy consumers is invaluable to me because I receive clever questions, positive feedback and new customers!

What was a successful social media campaign you hosted that showed great engagement and traction?

I launched RestoPresto to the market for the first time via a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to manufacture in the USA. I utilized social media and email marketing to promote the product and crowdfunding, which led to an overfunded campaign that built a strong customer network.

Finally, what is your favorite app?

I use Shopify as my ecommerce platform and the app is terrific. My favorite app feature is the RestoPresto dashboard which summarizes my daily orders, revenue, number of visitors and website referrals.

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