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Ask the Attendees: @VanDerWaalsBags #techstyleNYC

At the height of NYFW, Janine Just Inc. presents TechStyle NYC, a day-to-night leisure of experiences at the nexus of fashion & technology, drawing influential media, bloggers, & celebrities into one fashion-forward event. Set above the bustle of fashion week, the lounge offers a welcome reprieve to VIPs to discover, the new, next and now among the emerging brands curated into the showcase. The event had a wonderful turnout and attendees enjoyed the chance to celebrate NYC’s fashion week in techsy style!

But just who are the brands that attended the event? What’s their take on the event industry? And what did they think of TechStyleNYC? We took the opportunity to interview a few of the attendees and over the next few days will be featuring their interviews, read on for a peek inside the experience:


We talked to Caroline Lin, Founder and CEO of VanDerWaals Handbags

First of all, please tell our readers about you – what is the company all about?

VanDerWaals Handbags is the premier handbag company that combines fashion, function and technology – all in one bag. Whether you’re hitting the mall for some last minute shopping or running to catch a flight with a low iPhone battery, VanDerWaals handbags will keep your phone charged with an internal power chord that charges your smart phone, tablet or other portable device. Programable through a free iPhone app, VanDerWaals handbags can change their color to match your outfit, your mood or the environment around you. Take a picture and match a color in the image or chose a photo in your camera roll for some color inspiration.

What were the 3 keys to getting the company off the ground – where did you invest your time?

Design, Quality and Technology.

Just having participated in TechStyle NYC what role do live events play in your branding?

Events are a great way for us to interact not only with the customer but other like minded brands. We are in the wearable tech space, but we are also considered a fashion accessory so for us – having people touch the handbags, see them in person and be able to use our iPhone app to change the color of their VanDerWaals Handbag, is priceless!

What was a successful social media campaign you hosted that showed great engagement and traction?


Finally, what is your favorite app?

Of course our own! Download your VanDerWaals iPhone app (through the App Store) and change your Caroline, Elena or Flora bag with one touch of your finger.

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