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Behind the Hustle: Corbie Lucha-Burns (@CorbieNest)

Corbie is an innovative event manager with expertise developing strategies and leading large-scale projects for music, education and corporate events. Key strengths include managing technical, creative and event teams to produce inventive meeting and entertainment experiences and designing visual, lighting and set concepts for concerts and event spaces. Notable skill designing and facilitating professional development programs, offsite meetings and corporate town halls for Fortune 500 companies.

“hi, my name is…”

The world knows me as: Corbie.

I’ve also been known to respond to the names: Tank Girl.

I am wicked good at: Arts & Crafts.

Least favorite house chore: The dishes.

My go-to guilty pleasure food is: Street meat.

Favorite App: IMDB. I’m obsessed with movies.

Favorite quote: Failing to plan, is planning to fail

“The Hustle”

Job Title: Director of Special Events

Professional Superpower: Cool in a crisis.

My primary role in the events industry is: Event planning and management.

Years in the events industry: 10+.

To me, being an event hustler means: Anticipating client and guest needs.

The top 2 most surprising things I’ve learned about the events industry since starting are:

  1. Always have your business card. You never know who you’ll meet when you’re out.
  2. A good checklist built over time can save your life. When things don’t go as planned, your focus is problem solving. Use the checklist to get back on track once the issue is dealt with.

How did you get your start in the events industry? I grew up in a Liberal Arts Theatre Department, since my mother brought me to work. To keep me busy, she’d give me tasks related to whatever project was being planned, produced or managed (from theatrical events to fundraisers) so I’ve been doing this forever.

My biggest event industry pet peeve is: Last minute changes for printed materials.

“No such thing as TMI”

One thing that would really surprise people to learn about me is: Public praise embarrasses me.

You can only keep 2 albums in your entire music collection -those albums would be: I could never choose just two. Thankfully, my office is a cafe/record shop. So I guess I’ll never have to.

10yr old me thought I’d grow up to be: The next Jim Henson.

Text or phone call: Whichever is more efficient based on the situation.

Android or iphone? Android.

Toilet paper roll – Over or under? Over

Connect with Corbie:


Telephone: 646-644-7751


Photo credit, Matt Sherman of mathsherman.com

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