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The Future of eSports: Colossi’s Crowd Games head to DreamHack


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The Future of eSports: Colossi’s Crowd Games head to DreamHack

LOS ANGELES, CA ­ ​April 1st, 2016 ­​​Colossi LLC announced today that they are partnering with DreamHack AB to bring their one­of­a­kind crowd gaming platform to DreamHack Masters, an eSports championship event taking place in Malmö, Sweden on April 16­17. Colossi will provide interactive entertainment for the entire crowd during breaks in the action, enabling the thousands of people in the audience to play and compete against each other as a part of the “ultimate experience for eSports fans”.

“With regards to our crowd gaming platform, eSports is the natural next step,” says Ben Skaggs, Co­founder of Colossi. “eSports fans by definition enjoy gaming and interactive experiences. There’s no better way to connect with them than by providing a unique, fun, and competitive way to play together. Giving them an experience they can participate in and own is much better than showing them something they just passively watch.”

About Colossi

Colossi is a Los Angeles­based entertainment technology startup that specializes in creating large­scale, interactive crowd games for live events. The company’s proprietary technology and content enables brands to connect with live audiences of thousands or more as they play and compete against each other. For more information about Colossi, please visit http://www.thecolossi.co/.


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