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Event Tech of the Week: @ColossiCo

Today, we’re talking about: Colossi

Company/Tool Name: Colossi

Website: theColossi.co

Twitter: @ColossiCo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColossiCo/

What is the “problem” that your tool seeks to solve?

The problem is two-fold.

1) In this age of smartphones, how do you really engage and entertain your audience? You’re not just fighting against the smartphone itself, you’re fighting against every single app that’s on there. Can you compete for attention with Facebook? Or Instagram?

2) How do you interact with and keep track of everyone in the audience? Especially if you have a sponsor, how do you provide them with useful metrics and opportunities to really get people connected with the brand?

Colossi solved both of these with their large scale, easily brand-able, interactive crowd games. Everyone participates in a unique, entertaining interactive experience, using their cellphone as a controller to play (removing it as a potential distraction option. In addition, we act as a CRM, with participants using social media to login, play, and win prizes, granting you and your sponsors to ability to keep track of exactly who plays and to capitalize on their activation with the game.

What is the best audience for this tool? Corporate events? Social? Other? Large? Small?

Colossi can handle crowds of any size, from 10 people to 10,000 people, so it’s perfect for events of any size and type. That being said, typically the more people you have, the more energy there is. Be warned, people have been known to yell and cheer loudly as they’re playing.

What does your tool help event planners do better?

We help event planners increase the energy level and excitement onsite, leading to better brand engagement. Participants walk away with an interactive experience they help shape and create (no two sessions of gameplay are ever the same) with everybody around them, making it a definite memorable moment.

We also give event planners tools to interact with their audiences during and after the games, being able to send messages back to people on their smartphones, social media, or email.

How is your tool different from/better than the competition?

There are several key points where we’re a better alternative than our competition.

  • Ease of Use – There’s no tech setup on site, and no app download required for participants. All you need is a way to display the games, and an internet connection, and we handle the rest. To play, you only need a smartphone (which everyone has) and a URL that we provide for our event.
  • Truly interactive – Everybody can play. It’s not just one person or a group of people , everyone participates and all of their input influences what’s going on.
  • Flexible – Our individual games are short, which means we can fill pretty much any amount of time we need to fill.
  • Branded – We can create custom content and assets specifically for your event or sponsor. That way, you know people are engaging with exactly what you’re wanting them to.

What is the single coolest feature of your product?

Definitely our ability to play with any number of people. We’ve done it with groups of hundreds, and the reaction is always absolutely phenomenal. It’s why we keep doing what we’re doing, we want to make the world more interactive and for people to just be able to have more fun.

Anything else we need to know?

We understand that show must always go on, that anything disrupting the experience is distracting and at worst a disaster. That’s why we have ways to make sure that doesn’t happen. Barring the power going out, our experience will never be interrupted (if the power does go out, you’ll probably have way bigger issues on your mind!)

For any questions, please contact us at info@thecolossi.co.

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