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SpinGo Expands Event Listing Service to Five New Areas

SpinGo Expands Event Listing Service to Five New Areas

Draper, UT — (March 23, 2016) – SpinGo announces the expansion of SpinGo Reach to five new cities including: San Francisco, California; Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Charleston, South Carolina; and Columbus, Ohio. SpinGo Reach is a one-stop-shop event listing tool that expands an event’s reach and awareness online, while saving time for event makers. When an event maker submits an event to a SpinGo-powered calendar, it is automatically listed to other calendars within the SpinGo network. With SpinGo Reach, an event can now be listed on additional calendars outside the direct network. SpinGo Reach saves event makers time by letting them add their events on multiple calendars with a single event submission. SpinGo Reach initially launched in New York City, San Diego, and Denver in January 2016.

“SpinGo Reach brings efficiency to the process of getting events listed online.” said SpinGo CEO, Kreg Peeler, “SpinGo Reach is the most intuitive way to distribute event information. It saves event makers hours of redundant effort every time they promote a new event – time they could spend making their actual event that much more remarkable.”

On average, event makers save three hours on marketing per event by listing their event on SpinGo and using SpinGo Reach. By expanding into five new cities, SpinGo Reach will save event makers hundreds of hours each year and allow them to focus on producing their events.

“I list many events each year on event calendars for my clients,” said Public Relations Consultant, Gayle Falkenthal, “With SpinGo Reach, I save both my clients and myself time and money. This gets my double thumbs up.”

About SpinGo

Since 2012, SpinGo has been committed to helping event makers—producers, planners, marketers—create successful events. Armed with real-life experiences and extensive market research, SpinGo develops tools and services that simplify the event planning, management, and promotion process. The company is backed by EPIC Ventures and Prelude. Further information is available at SpinGo.com.


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