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Event Tech of the Week: @VeloxityOne

Today, we are talking about: Veloxity

Company/Tool Name: Veloxity

Website: http://www.veloxity.us

Twitter: @VeloxityOne

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VeloxityOneLLC/?fref=ts

What is the “problem” that your tool seeks to solve?

Veloxity rents and sells a full suite of device charging solutions to events, conferences, conventions, trade shows, universities, hospitals, and other venues nationwide. Clients like Boston University, Red Bull, Travelers Companies, IndyCar, CES, Foxwoods, Verizon and others rely on Veloxity device charging units to keep customers and guests happy and fully charged.  The product line includes LockerPower freestanding and wall mounted kiosks with lockers and Power Pax portable units. Veloxity is based in Boston, Massachusetts and is on a mission to cure dead battery anxiety.  

Veloxity device charging solutions help deliver customer happiness.  See our customer happiness infographic:


What is the best audience for the product?

Any organization, retailer, college, hotel, airport, mall, or venue that is seeking to keep customers happy can benefit from a Veloxity device charging solution.  Veloxity offers a solution and price point for every venue and need.  

What does your product help event planners do better?

Event planners worldwide enjoy Veloxity device charging solutions options for a wide variety of events.  Veloxity’s secure freestanding and wall mounted charging stations with lockers and LCD screen can be a good draw for booths vying for attention in a crowded convention floor. That’s why Comcast Cable elected to rent a Veloxity charging station for its booth at the ESPN 2014 XGames. Having a Veloxity charging station gave Comcast Cable employees a chance to reach some 115,000 attendees, says Brian Siebert, a Comcast Cable promotion and event specialist. “Customers could walk away assured that their phone would be there when they returned,” Siebert says. Siebert also stressed the benefits of a second interaction with potential customers when they returned to pick up their phone, allowing for a deeper conversation.

The portable, wall mount and freestanding device charging units can be custom branded, offering a great sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

How is your product different from/better than the competition?

Veloxity device charging solutions offer a free trial and price match guarantee.  The products are built to deliver ROI that elicits customer happiness, low cost and ease of use.  

What is the single coolest feature of your product?

The Veloxity device charging solutions are guerrilla marketing campaigns without flyers, street team staff – or the guerrilla suit!  Each device charging solution offers custom branding and delivers a very powerful brand or advertising message that leaves customers happy.  And most of all, the device charging solutions cure dreaded dead battery anxiety.  In turn, customers stay on site longer.

 Cell-phone-charging-kiosks-820x953 Veloxity-Power-Pax-Photo-640x544 Wall-Mounted-Charging-Kiosk-with-Lockers1-683x1024

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