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Join @LizKingEvents and @EdWaffles on the #techsytalk {unscripted} podcast with @JFDIMark

Welcome to techsytalk’s unscripted  – where for 29 mins, we take you behind the scenes of the events industry for candid conversations with Event Hustlers. We air on video biweekly using the blab platform to interview events industry players and find out about the people behind the hustle. We’ll also share industry trends and things we think you should care about as an event professional.  Logon and keep us company by clicking the images below! Or, join us on itunes Podcasts or Stitcher to catch the shows after they’ve happened live!

Monday, March 7, 2016 at 3:00pm ET
Mark Walker from Eventbrite


Mark Walker is the Head of Content Marketing, UK & Ireland at Eventbrite where he leads a talented team dedicated to creating both educational and inspirational content for the events industry. This ranges from 5000-word reports to fun blog posts, encompassing quizzes, webinars, social media, live events and much more along the way.

Both in his day-to-day role and spare time, Mark regularly speaks and blogs about small business and entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social media and events.

You can read more at the Eventbrite blog, follow him on Twitter or Facebook and connect on LinkedIn.

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