We Pinned It: Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Another holiday; Another Pinterest Board to share!! Here are some ideas that would make Cupid proud.

Signed, sealed and delivered
Send invitations from the heart and wrap with a red bow (and go even a step further by adding a dash of floral scent before sending away!).   Use an envelope as the invitation to ensure it will be a special delivery.

In The Name Of Love
While belting out these U2 lyrics, take time to spell it out for your special one's using love letters!  Paint wooden L-O-V-E  & X-O letters and place on the mantel or add to the table display. While we’re talking/singing about love letters, why not write some from the heart and hang them around the room? Dust off that pen & paper and create an authentic love letter (remember to seal w/ a kiss)!

Sweet Hearts
It’s often expressed that the way to one’s heart is through the stomach so put that Kiss-The-Cook apron on and start baking with love!  Surprise your guests with a heart filled cake or melt hearts with the chocolate fondue. Surely you’ll earn that chef’s kiss…(even if it’s a Hershey one)!

Depending on your skills, you may just want to leave the colorful macaroons to the professionals and pick’em up on your way home from work.


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  2. We Pinned It: Valentine’s Day Ideas http://t.co/mEsYbiTte0 via @lizkingevents

  3. We Pinned It: Valentine’s Day Ideas http://t.co/8aNpE4ueVO via @lizkingevents

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