We Pinned It: Sustainable Event Design

Sustainability isn’t just about upholding New Year resolutions. It’s also about supporting the longevity of our environment, especially when planning extravagant events that are here and gone with the blink of an eye.  While events provide memories to last a lifetime, we must also be mindful of the waste and emissions that have a lasting effect on the environment.  Here are a few ideas to get eco-friendly, but for more ideas, visit our ‘Sustainable Event Design’ board.

Go Green by Going Geek:
Out with fancy paper invitations & programs and in with cool evites and apps that provide everything with the tap of your finger.

2 Birds, 1 Stone:
Hop on an electricity-generating stationary bike to burn calories while recharging your personal electronics.

Let there be light:
Illuminate your next event with garden lights powered by soil!


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